Signs of Pregnancy, Signs of Bliss

Signs of Pregnancy

Having had my firstborn delivered two weeks ago, I am propelled by my instincts to share my firsthand knowledge (well, as they say, there’s two of you pregnant) about the signs of pregnancy.

Some women may not experience all of them. What I have here are the most common signs of pregnancy. It is important to note that these signs of pregnancy happen at a time when the women react as their hormonal level starts to change.

Number one on my list of the signs of pregnancy is what doctors call light spotting. This takes place even before the menstrual cycle begins. The bleeding from pregnancy due to implementation has that brownish or pinkish hue and is not really that heavy. The flow usually starts off light, and then gradually becomes heavy, only to diminish just before it ends.

Number two is the missing of the menstrual period. Of course, a woman can miss her period for a bunch of other reasons including stress, certain illness, and hormonal imbalance and how a woman reacts to certain drugs. If you have a regular menstrual cycle and miss just for once, there is a reason to get alarmed as it may just be one of the signs of pregnancy.

Number three is the increase in body temperature. This is another one of the signs of pregnancy as your body temperature is normally high during ovulation. It will stay like this until the ovulation process is finished.

Number four is frequent urination. If your trips to the john are more than usual, this could just be one of the signs of pregnancy. This can happen even before you miss a period, normally about 7-12 days after the increase in body temperature due to ovulation. This is caused by HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone which is not really a good hormone so when you see yourself urinating a lot, it’s actually a good sign.

Number five is morning sickness, with the medical term nausea. This is the nauseating feeling because of all the hormonal changes during pregnancy. This causes the pregnant woman to vomit. It can actually happen daytime or night time.

Number six on my list of the sigs of pregnancy are the physical signs, of course excluding the swollen tummy. For the breasts, they become unusually bigger and nipples get darker and more erect. Both the nipples and the entire breasts feel tender for the pregnant woman.

Number seven and the last on my list of the signs of pregnancy has a lot to do with fatigue. Pregnant women tend to get tired more easily than they normally do. This one is actually connected still with the hormonal imbalance. The body gets accustomed to the hormonal imbalance is what induces this sign of pregnancy.

That’s it. I hope I am of help to you. The last nine months, me and my wife were enveloped in a certain kind of anxiety shell. But after our baby was conceived, it was sheer bliss. I’m only hoping for the same for all of you.

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