Simply Detail about Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early Signs of Pregnancy

I can only imagine the anxiety a woman experiences in her quest to discover if she is having a baby. As a staunch supporter of a group whose primary goal is to empower women, I feel the need to write about this. Just what are the early signs of pregnancy? While there are those whose anxiety is doubled because of undesired pregnancy (which I will have to write about later on), this one’s for the eager to have her own baby and become a full-fledged mother — am I talking to you or what?

First is the missed menstrual period. This one is common knowledge for most people even though they do not know a thing about pregnancy. Those who don’t know may argue that there are other things that cause a woman to miss her menstrual period. True. Stress, some illnesses, and hormonal imbalance, for the most part, can cause it too, that is why you should be really sure of things.

The second one is for the women are educated about their basal body temperature. Just after ovulation, this temperature increases and does not come back to its normal reading only until the next menstrual period. If it happens that the temperature does not come down, then you are provided the knowledge that this might just be one of the early signs of pregnancy. The basal body temperature chart, by the way, is so simple that even people who don’t know much about it can do it.

The physical changes come third on my list of the early signs of pregnancy. This can be seen most evidently on the breasts. They, along with the nipples become tender so they are more sensitive and sometimes get painful. The nipple also tends to be more erect and the areola area darkens. But the physical changes in the early signs of pregnancy are not solely based on the chest area. In most women, an unusual increase in the growth rate of hair and nails are also an early sign of pregnancy.

Cramping, which is that painful sensation felt when there is a contraction of muscles, is fourth on my list of the early signs of pregnancy. To some women, the pain may continue even up to the pregnancy’s first few weeks. In this case, the growing embryo needs more space, which is provided by the ligaments of the uterus.

Frequent visits to the bathroom are last on my list of the early signs of pregnancy. The hormonal changes that the woman undergoes are the reason for this. The hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is released when a woman urinates.

These are just some of the early signs of pregnancy. Those of you who are so excited about having your own baby may get too preoccupied with the thought of having one, the reason for you to jump to conclusions regarding pregnancy. I suggest that you carefully study your body. Of course, seeking the doctor’s help is always a good thing.

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