Six Weeks Pregnant – What You Can Expect

Six Weeks Pregnant

You are now six weeks pregnant, what can you expect for you and your growing baby during this special period of your life? This article will go through the life changes you will experience, as well as the changes happening inside your uterus.

How Your Life Will Change:

During this period you may start to notice yourself developing a sort of yo-yo type personality. One minute you may be over the moon with joy for even the slightest things. And the next minute you may be feeling moody. Maybe you won’t notice it, but your friends and family certainly will.

You may not like the idea of not being able to put a handle on your emotions, but this is a normal part of pregnancy, and it should not be feared. It is caused by the fluctuation in your hormones.

Make sure your friends, family, and coworkers understand what you are going through, so they don’t misunderstand your situation.

You may or may not also notice some spotting (dripping of blood) during the 6th week or pregnancy or even earlier. For about 1 in 4 women spotting will occur and it is entirely reasonable. However, there is still slight chance the spotting could be related to pregnancy complications, and so you should contact your doctor if it occurs.

How Your Baby Is Growing:

There are also significant changes happening inside your uterus when you are six weeks pregnant. Your baby is now growing at a rapid pace. Last week your baby was only the size of a sesame seed, this week he/she is still small but has grown to about the size of a lentil.

During the 6th week of conception, the nose, ears, and mouth of the baby have begun to take shape. The head of the baby now looks very oversized compared to the rest of the developing body and dark spots, where the eyes and nostrils will form, have appeared.

He/she has also started to form arms and legs which look like small buds.

Blood is starting to flow through the whole body of the baby as the heart is now pounding at twice the rate of your own heart. Around 100 to 160 times per minute.

Six weeks pregnant is also when the baby will start to develop intestines and lungs. The baby is also starting to form brain, muscles, bone and the pituitary gland.

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