Sugar Free Dessert Recipes: Only Taste, No Blood Sugar Hikes

Sugar Free Dessert Recipes

Dessert is certainly not an easy match to a diabetic diet. However, diabetics should also have the freedom of pampering their taste buds with sweet, but without letting blood sugar levels to increase. If you had been diagnosed with diabetes and been prescribed a restricted diet chart, then you can try out some of these recipes, which will definitely make up your mood, while it is spoiled looking at others enjoying huge bites of crunchy desserts. Here are some easy to make, healthy sugar free dessert recipes, which will add up to your good health as well as aid in your taste for sweets.

Tasty sugar free dessert recipes without any compromises with good health

Some sugar free dessert recipes, which will nourish your sweet-seeking taste buds but also keep a check on your blood sugar levels:

Berry-vanilla delight

This is one of the sweetest and healthiest sugar free dessert recipes, especially meant for diabetics.


  • Chopped strawberry
  • Sugar-free vanilla cream (two tablespoons)
  • A cup of low fat skimmed milk
  • Chopped raisins (two teaspoons)
  • Sugar-free powder (two teaspoons)


Mix the sugar-free vanilla cream with sugar-free powder and refrigerate it (only such that you can take out a cold mixture, while you opt to prepare the dessert). Dip the cup of chopped strawberry in a cup of skimmed milk and refrigerate it at moderate temperature overnight. Take it out next morning, while you opt to prepare the dessert. Now separate the chopped strawberry from the cup of milk; do not dry the strawberries completely, let pours of milk be attached to it while you separate the layers. Place the chopped strawberry on a plate and put the cold cream mixture layer by layer upon it. Heat the chopped raisins in an aluminum pot for only 5-10 seconds and sprinkle it over the hot berry-vanilla mixture.

This is in fact, one of the simplest diabetic desserts in terms of preparation but one of the most awesome ones in terms of taste and consumption.

Chocolaty almonds (dark dessert for diabetics)

This is one of the most fantasizing, warm and innovative dessert recipes for diabetics.

  • Dark liquid chocolate (half cup)
  • Dark chocolate chips (one tablespoon)
  • Chopped almonds (one cup)
  • Low fat, sugar-free butter (half cup)
  • Skimmed milk (one cup)
  • Chopped raisins (two teaspoons)
  • Sugar-free powder or paste (two teaspoons)


Soak chopped almonds in milk overnight, so that toxic enzyme inhibitors coated on the outer shell of the nuts are removed; these inhibitors make the protein-rich nuts difficult to digest. Separate the milk layers from chopped almond layers completely. Place chopped almonds on a plate. Mix dark, hot liquid chocolate with layers of butter; mix in a way so that white layers of butter and dark brown layers of chocolate are clearly visible in contrast, none of the colors should overtake each other. You can add sugar-free powder or paste to this mixture. Now, apply this hot mixture layer by layer over chopped almonds, sprinkle mildly heated raisins and dark chocolate chips to enjoy.

This is one of the dark and hot dessert delicacies for diabetics.

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