Symptoms of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

Normally a missed period is taken as an early sign of pregnancy. However, you can know about your pregnancy even before a missed period. Below are the 5 signs that start to show up and are thus known to be early signs of pregIncrease in basal body temperature any:

Increase in basal body temperature
It has been observed that the lowest temperature of the body (which happens when you take rest and is also known as basal body temperature) starts to increase after the process of ovulation and remains like this for a long time. Ovulation is a process wherein the matured egg makes its way through the fallopian tube to get fertilized by the sperm. The implantation process of this fertilized egg occurs around 6-12 days past the ovulation. The one or one-half degree increase in Nipple enlargement your basal body temperature is actually an early symptom of pregnancy. This can be seen just 2 days after the ovulation.

Nipple enlargement, Breast tenderness and increase in breast size
Another early symptom of pregnancy is tenderness and increased swelling in the nipples and breast. The dark region around the nipples also known as areola increases in size and gets more darkened as a significant feeling of vomiting breastfeeding. The reason behind these changes is actually due to various hormone releases.

Feelings of vomiting and nausea
This is also called “morning sickness” and starts to occur around the 6th week or even earlier than that. Approximately half of the pregnant women suffer from this problem. In this, they have feelings of nausea, sometimes accompanied with vomiting. This happens due to the increased amounts of hormone releases and is considered to be a good symbol that displays that the baby is in a good condition. If constipation problems nausea is accompanied with vomiting then you should keep yourself hydrated which, in turn, will keep the electrolyte levels in limits.

Constipation problem
This is also a sign of pregnancy and happens as a result of the varying level of progesterone hormone. This may interfere in your digestive system by slowing down the food movement and hence can cause Exhaustionbowels.

Exhaustion and fatigue
Fatigue is different from feelings of tiredness. It can symbolize any disease like an autoimmune disorder, cancer or any other condition like pregnancy. This is also because of high levels of progesterone.
If you feel these symptoms then you can get yourself tested with the home pregnancy test.

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