• Pregnancy Week 5

    Pregnancy Week 5

    Mom has more appetite now! You motherhood has entered the 2nd month. You must be obviously feeling great. Let’s take you through Week-5. Baby’s growth: Till last week the embryo had been a collection of cells and by now the embryo initiates to take a definite shape. Neural tube slowly transforms into the brain and the spinal cord respectively. The characteristic of the tube is that it runs down starting from the apex to the embryo base. A lump in the embryo’s middle portion develops into the baby’s heart. By this time the placenta also develops. The placenta has fingerlike projections, which is called chorionic villi. It is through chorionic…

  • 5th week of pregnancy

    Pregnancy week after week: 5th week of pregnancy

    Pregnancy week after week: 5th week of pregnancy During the 5th week of pregnancy, the nerve and vascular system are formed, and the placental circulation nourishes the embryo. At the same time, the expectant mother begins to find she is pregnant. 5th week of pregnancy = Start of organ development During the 5th week of pregnancy, the last germline, the mesoderm, which is between the entoderm and the ectoderm, arises. From the mesoderm, the entire musculoskeletal system - the skeleton, the muscles and also the kidneys, the heart, and the vascular system - develop over time. Thus the development of three-layer embryo ends and the period of organogenesis, i.e. organ…