• drinking regimen during pregnancy

    How to adjust the drinking regimen during pregnancy

    Drinking regimen during pregnancy Often talking about what the pregnant woman should or should not eat. Drinking is a bit forgotten.What should be your drinking regimen during pregnancy? It's not that complicated. Drink just a little more than you're used to. Nor do you need to restrict yourself. There are only a few exceptions. What is the drinking regime during pregnancy? Getting plenty of water in your body will help you remove harmful substances while supporting the liver and kidneys to function correctly. Experts recommend drinking about 2 liters of fluid in pregnancy.During breastfeeding even a little more, because enough fluids significantly affect the production of breast milk. Of course, it depends on your health, physical activity…

  • Alcohol During Pregnancy

    Do Not Drink Alcohol During Pregnancy

    How much alcohol can my partner consume during her pregnancy? Most health experts tend to have a very cautious approach when advice on using alcohol during pregnancy. The standard response is to recommend that a pregnant woman should refrain from all alcohol consumption for the duration of the pregnancy. The truth is that nobody really knows how much or how little alcohol can be consumed before it has an effect on the fetus. Besides, everyone metabolizes alcohol at different rates. What is known as fact is that there are some serious problems that can arise if certain levels of alcohol are taken on a regular basis by a pregnant woman(see…