• weekly pregnancy calendar

    Weekly Pregnancy Calendar

    To track an unborn child’s development and stay informed about all of the changes taking place inside of the body, many women enjoy following a weekly pregnancy calendar. It is a terrific way to keep track of your baby’s growth and find informative pregnancy advice on a weekly basis. During each of the 40 weeks, the expectant mother will learn about the many changes taking place inside of her body: A weekly update on the development of her child. Information on prenatal care and what experts are. Recommending Learning how to recognize certain warning signs during pregnancy and how to calculate the expected due date. Information is provided on how…

  • Pregnancy Calendar Week By Week

    Pregnancy Calendar Week By Week

    This pregnancy calendar week by week chart is very helpful for parents who are keen to know about the level of growth of their baby. This calendar keeps you updated about the growth of your baby and simultaneously pregnant mom can get information regarding the changes that take place in her body during pregnancy and the care that she should take during every stage of growth of her baby. ˇ Total days of pregnancy: 40 weeks (Gestation period) ˇ Age of delivered baby: 38 weeks. Since the duration of pregnancy is calculated from the first day of last menstrual period, and at the end of the second week, only fertilization…