Tea Tree Oil For Effective Wart Removal

Tee Tree Oil

Tee Tree Oil has been used for thousands of years to treat lots of ailments including warts that can really make people feel conscious of their appearance. Warts, of course, can be treated in lots of different ways and they are generally all very effective. Most people believe that warts have roots and that unless you kill off the root you will not fully eradicate the wart. Well, this is not true at all as in fact, the surface below the wart is smooth as the growth is only in the uppermost layer of skin.

Warts are more likely to appear when the immune system is at a low. Given time people usually see their warts disappear as their immune system ousts them. it can take anything from three months up to a number of years but most are gone within a period of six months or so. They are caused by a viral infection that is very easy to pick up as the germs that cause the infections are found everywhere. It is the reason that warts are common amongst children who still have a developing immune system.

Why Treat Warts?

There are a number of reasons why you should treat warts rather than wait for your immune system to fight them off. If they are spreading rapidly then they should be treated to keep them in check and to give your immune system a hand. It stands to reason that your immune system must be busy fighting other problems for it to be low enough to allow warts to spread so quickly.

Warts can also be painful for a brief period when they first arrive but if the pain persists then a treatment should be applied. Pain can also be caused because of the location of the growths which would also be cause for treatment. With the position in mind, a very good reason for treating warts is if they are unsightly and are affecting the sufferer’s confidence.

The Application of Tea Tree Oil

The application of tee tree oil is just one way in which warts can be eradicated and the antiseptic and anti-fungal properties make it one of the best natural treatments available. The way in which it is applied is by dabbing the surface with the oil throughout the day. Eventually, the growth will have its blood supply cut off by the oil drying out the area around the wart.

How to Tell if The Wart is Dead

When the growth is dead it will either fade or drop straight off. If you want to encourage the wart to leave the skin a suggested method is to cover the area with duct tape or some other strong bonding tape after you apply the tea tree oil. Then when you go to apply the oil again, the growth can sometimes be taken off by the removing of the tape. If this happens you should still apply the oil at least one more time to ensure there is nothing left.

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