The Best Playing Position for Baby

The Best Playing Position for Baby

Your baby may seem very fragile and weak that you might get afraid to move her around. However, you should do that every once in a while. That's the way for him to learn how to get around and to experience new things. Therefore, do not be afraid to play around with your baby in many different positions. There are many easy ways to The Best Playing Position for Baby, but always remember to do it safely and correctly.

The easiest way is to have tummy time. It is the time when your baby is placed in the position when he is lying on his stomach. This post is indeed more fun than being on his back. Because the baby gets to have another view besides of the ceiling. Furthermore, this position allows him to experience many textures with his legs, stomach, and arm as he moves around in that position. For the positive effect, the position will train him to do shoulder muscle train, head control balance, and also reduce the risk of a flat head surface on your baby. To entertain him while, in the position, you can place several toys in front of him, so he has things to do.

Activity 1: Tummy to Tummy

Like the variety of the tummy position, you can also put him on your stomach. It would be a tummy to tummy time. Make funny faces and use funny voices to talk to him. It is entertaining to do, and it is a great bonding moment for you and your baby. Because, not only that you can have a fun time with your baby, you will also get a skinship moment that will increase your intimacy with your baby. Furthermore, the skin to skin connection will also give your baby warm and also train his healthy heart beat.

As soon as your baby is discharged from the hospital, you can use this position. Because your baby is healthy enough for this position as long as you manage to give your baby the most comfortable position. The tummy time can be done anytime, as long as he is awake. Because, when he is asleep, it is better to put him on his back to avoid any suffocating and also prevent his heart from being too pressurized. Furthermore, you should also make sure that you have your baby fully watched while in this position. Therefore, once your baby showed any sign of discomfort, you can immediately change her position back, and when he falls asleep, you can turn him into the on the back position quickly.

Activity 2: Lap Time

Almost the same as the tummy to tummy position, you can also put your baby on your lap. This way, he will experience the new texture and shape of the surface. Playing around with your baby in this position is indeed fun. Furthermore, you need also make sure that the position is entirely safe for your baby and that he is well supported. So if your baby is fallen to sleep in this position, it is best to put him to bed immediately, with on back sleeping position.

Activity 3: Side Lying with Support

If your baby is experiencing discomfort with the tummy time, there is an alternative way to do so. You can place your baby on his side. This way, he will not feel any pressure to his stomach, but he will still have more variety of position to play with. However, make sure that his head is secure, and the arm is located in front of his body. You also need to maintain the feet position so he can be comfortable. Also, if your baby was having difficulties to support the body, you can place a rolled towel behind his back. In this position, you can have a great time playing with your baby. Both tummy time or on a side, a position is the position suitable and recommended for playing a position. It is an alternative position that could give your baby more experience than the on back position.

However, there are several things to consider about this The Best Playing Position for Baby. For example, you need to monitor your baby in such position carefully. You should also immediately change his position to on back when he is a fall asleep. Therefore, he will not be suffocated during his sleep.

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