The Best Timing for Breastfeeding

The Best Timing for Breastfeeding

For a newly born baby, they usually have not able to take any solid meal. Their digestion system has not able to process the food, and they do not have any teeth so it will be difficult for them to chew on his food. Therefore, breastfeeding is the only way for them to get their source of nutrition. That's why The Best Timing for Breastfeeding is essential to the newly born baby.

Much expertise says that the best time for breastfeeding is at the age of zero to six months. The mother’s breast milk is filled with Colostrum, and that is very good and useful for the baby health, immunity, and body’s growth. Moreover, the first six months time of the baby’s life depends on this. Besides, after the first six month period, the baby will still be gaining his nutrition from the breast milk, but it will not become the primary source of nutrition. Because the baby is already taking other solid meal. Therefore, the nutrition supply of the baby can be considered from other sources too. As for after the first year, the baby usually has a solid food as their primary source of nutrition. However, they often still have the breast milk for their comforter and supplementary nutrition.

For the breastfeeding time, there is much The Best Timing for Breastfeeding that you should follow. Many people say that a baby needs to be fed every three hours a day, and every four hours at night. It means that a baby should be fed at least eight to twelve times a day. This number is a minimum requirement because less than this number, your baby may get hungry and they will not be receiving the sufficient amount of breast milk nutrition. Therefore, the breastfeeding should also have the proper latching position for the perfection.

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