The Best Ways to Preventing Warts

Preventing Warts

Despite the myth, toads do not cause warts

Despite what some may believe, you do not preventing warts by avoiding frogs or toads (even if they pee on you). Warts are skin growths caused by human papillomavirus or HPV. Warts are very contagious. The virus enters the body usually through open skin like a cut or a scratch. Most often they will appear on your hands and or feet. The virus HPV causes the keratin in your skin to grow too fast which leads to small skin colored rough lumps. Children and young adults are most susceptible to becoming infected with the HPV virus. Besides, older adults with AIDS or lower immune systems are vulnerable to getting warts.

Most of the time, warts will go away on their own after a couple of months or up to a year. Although to get rid of them quicker, many people will seek professional help from wart removal because they are bothersome, embarrassing, or spreading.

There are some ideas that you can do to prevent the spread of warts or to prevent warts from appearing.

  • Preventing Catching Warts
  • Since warts are contagious, they are passed on through close contact with the HPV virus. Some of the most common manners that they are passed on include:
  • Do not touch other peoples warts – if you do, wash your hands immediately
  • Do not share towels or any other clothes with a person who has warts
  • Do not share razors
  • Do not share socks or shoes with an individual who has warts
  • Wear sandals when you are at a public pool or shower – If a person has cuts or scratches on the bottom of their feet are more susceptible.
  • Hygiene – Wash your hands regularly, especially before meals. Help to prevent the spread of the virus if you happen to come in contact with the virus before it has an opportunity to enter your body.

Preventing the Spread of Warts

If you have warts, here are some things you can do to keep them from spreading to others and other parts of your body:

  • Wear sandals when walking around the pool and in the communal shower
  • Bring your towel and do not share with others
  • Do not scratch your warts – they will spread to other parts of your body
  • Do not shave or cut the skin around the wart
  • Do not share razors
  • Do not bite your nails – this can potentially spread warts from one finger to another
  • If you are clipping near a finger or toenail with a wart, use different clippers for your other finger and toenails.
  • When swimming make sure the wart is fully covered with a waterproof bandage
  • Wear shoes and gloves in the gym if you have warts
  • Keep warts covered with either bandages or athletic tape especially when participating in sports where you will have contact with other individuals.

Here is some further information on the best wart remover techniques.

Many times after warts have disappeared, they may reappear at a later date. Despite all of the treatments, there is no guarantee that virus completely left the body.


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