The Cost of Having a Baby with and without Maternity Insurance

Cost of Having a Baby with and without Maternity Insurance

When a couple plans on having a baby, the question that always surfaces is, “How much would it Cost of Having a Baby with and without Maternity Insurance?”

With the increasing medical costs, the excitement that should go with the planning is masked by the worries brought about by the financial un-preparedness. Planning for pregnancy entails a lot of careful preparation, research, and information gathering. These are important so that the couple will have a clear picture of what they are about to get into.

Pregnancy Preparation

The emotional aspect will no longer be the focus here. What will be discussed and talked about are the preparations needed for the pregnancy to materialize and proceed without the hassles of worrying about finances.

Part of the early preparation for pregnancy involves a lot of decisions to make, but there are two which are most important and will impact the financial aspect of pregnancy. One is deciding on the healthcare provider (OB-GYN, midwife, or family practitioners). The other one is the decision on birthing location (hospital, birthing center or home)

Your decision on these two factors will have a big impact and implication in the overall cost of pregnancy or have a baby. It will also have an impact on the type of pregnancy insurance plan you need to avail such that coverage will include the cost of health care provider and cost of a stay in either hospital or birthing center. Choosing to give birth at home would, of course, pose the least expense.

Prenatal visits are important in making sure that the baby and the mother are both in good health and condition. This, too, should be included in the pregnancy insurance coverage.

Choosing the right pregnancy or maternity insurance plans (with all its intricacies) should factor in all parameters to ensure a healthy, safe and smooth pregnancy up to childbirth. If the pregnancy is high-risk, additional coverage or supplemental policy should be considered as well.

Since childbirth would require caring for the newborn for a long time, prolonged or extended time off from work would have to be included in planning as you would need the means to support yourself and the baby. This is covered by supplemental maternity insurance plans, so it’s important that you avail of that, too.

Nutritional supplements, vitamins, and minerals both for the baby and the mother could also chunk up the pregnancy budget.

If we stop here even if there are a lot more to consider, imagining the costs that go with each item will be stressful. How costly can getting pregnant be? But of course, if the pregnancy is planned way ahead, a substantial weight will be lifted once your health, maternity or pregnancy insurance, with all the supplemental benefits, are in place and ready to be utilized. Couples will be investing a great deal of money if insurance plans are availed individually and not provided by the employer.

Estimated Cost of Child Birth

The actual costs of having a baby will vary depending on the state of residency, insurance availed, etc. For the sake of information and giving couples who are planning to have a baby an idea of how much ‘investment’ they will be putting in, some estimated Cost of Having a Baby with and without Maternity Insurance are listed below :

  1. With Insurance coverage, normal childbirth cost will range from as low as $500 to as high as $3000, depending on the insurance coverage availed.
  2. Without insurance coverage and without financial aid from government-funded insurance programs, normal vaginal childbirth would cost around $8000 – $12000. Again the costs will vary depending on a lot of factors.
  3. Without insurance coverage, pregnancy complications like a c-section would cost around $13000 to as high as $20000.
  4. Without insurance coverage, premature childbirth would cost an additional $10000 to as much as $30000 depending on how long the baby needs to stay at the neonatal IC unit of the hospital.

These figures do not include other out-of-pocket expenses, copay, prenatal care and postneonatal care. These figures are just frightening! Can an average American couple afford to have a baby?

Before frustration, stress, and pressure set in, couples should know that Cost of Having a Baby with and without Maternity Insurance is available maternity/pregnancy assistance offered in so many different ways by government-funded organizations or state departments.

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