The Dangers of Smoking While Pregnant

The Dangers of Smoking While Pregnant

The dangers of smoking while pregnant are genuine. If you don’t know that smoking is bad for your health, then you have been living on the moon for the past 15 years. It is now public knowledge that smoking can lead to lung cancer as well as numerous other serious medical conditions. Smoking when pregnant is especially dangerous because it could not only result in problems for you but also your child as well. In this article, I will shortly run through the reasons why you should not be smoking when pregnant.

Smoking while pregnant raises the chances of miscarriage

The likelihood that you will experience a miscarriage is considerably higher if you smoke during your pregnancy, even if you quit during the first semester your chances still increase. Although you may end up experiencing no significant problems, quitting smoking during pregnancy will give you that extra safeguard which you should take to ensure you do not want miscarriage.

Smoking during pregnancy increases the likelihood of pelvic pains

Pelvic pain is a problem that many women experience during pregnancy, if you don’t know what it is then here is a brief explanation. Women with pelvic pain experience hardship when doing even the easiest of daily tasks, for example, standing up or sitting down can become a painful experience. Although many women who do not smoke experience this problem, smoking increases the possibility that it will happen to you by over 20 percent. Many have speculated that smoking reduces blood flow to the pelvic region thus leading to a higher likelihood of pelvic pain. Whatever the reason behind The Dangers of Smoking While Pregnant, smoking increases the chance that you will have pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome- A good reason to stop

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome according to the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia “is the unexpected, sudden death of a child under age 1 in which an autopsy does not show an explainable cause of death.” Although there can be more than one thing which can cause this, one reason has been demonstrated to be “Babies who are around cigarette smoke while in the womb or after being born.” For more information on SIDS visit this link.

Smoking can lead to infertility

If you are trying to become pregnant, then it is also advisable that you don’t smoke, because the risk of you becoming infertile increases if you smoke. Not only can it reduce fertility levels in women, but in men also.

The list goes on

The list of problems associated with The Dangers of Smoking While Pregnant are quite substantial and if you would like to get some additional information on the subject I would advise you to read the following.

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