The First Visit to a Gynecologist

The first visit to a gynecologist is ever so delicate a moment. This is so because if we think of an ideal situation, it would be in adolescence, in a difficult moment, on which point the girl's physiology undergoes changes and her mode of perception of the world as well.

There triggers off a string of fears, insecurities, and frustrations, all of which changes usually provoke in people.

Speaking of which, there can be figured what goes on her mind, a brave new world, of which now she begins to have a full grown female body, able to procreate, desire-ridden, but at the same time, she is just a little girl.

It's the dualism of adult world versus the infant world. Yet, society sends out messages of double standards, in one hand, she ought to preserve herself for the ideal guy, on the other hand, her friends, the mass media, charge them for this moment to happen in no time. Perhaps she wouldn't realize it, but by one way or another, maturing-sexually inclusive, it's a demand of the age.

This first encounter, more than a routine consultation, might turn out a learning moment for her. A sanctuary, where she can get to know herself and acknowledge her body, clear doubts and learn about contraceptive methods and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Therefore, the ideal moment for the first visit to the gynecologist to take place is in adolescence, as soon as she has her first menstrual flow.

The willingness of her to visit a doctor is of the essence; otherwise, such visit may have no use, unless gynecological tests can be undertaken.

Not intended to minimize such tests, but it's vital that, besides, she meets a professional of who she can trust and capable of shooting her anxieties and doubts towards her own body, her psychic and physiological alterations.

This professional can also aid to answer questions regarding the first sexual relation, its follow up, consequences of unprotected sex would bring upon, amongst so many others.

The first visit to a gynecologist should take place before she comes to her first sexual relation, as a way of knowledge and prevention, and never after she gets pregnant or might have acquired some lethal sexual disease.

As a matter of fact, prevention stills the best remedy.

Actually, few are the girls who go to see a gynecologist before engaging in the sexual relation.

Purposely, they would get clued up on which contraceptive method to use other than self-knowledge and coming to terms with sex and anything to do with this new approach.

Normally, a teenage girl feels ashamed of seeing a doctor, fearing retaliation or being deemed flippant.

Discoveries made about sex are more of hearsay and trial and error, rather than from someone who can really help them.

That's why it's so common doubts about what may or not happen in sexual relationships and detrimental consequences that there might onslaught.

Furthermore, certain health policies place emphasis on prevention of undesired pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, overlooking the psychological factor.

So far, before thinking of prince charming of who to have the first sexual relation, she must concern about keeping the little princess well-informed and healthy so that will a fable not turn out to be a Greek tragedy. The last case, unfortunately, it's what happens most.

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