The Flu Shot For Diabetic Patients

Flu Shot For Diabetic Patients

People with diabetes are usually encouraged to get flu shots every year. Not only does this protect the diabetic patients from the danger of the flu itself, but Flu Shot For Diabetic Patients helps them avoid the difficulty of managing diabetes during the flu. All infections, including the flu, can make blood glucose levels more difficult to control.

Sometimes, the people who live with someone who is at risk of complications of the flu are also encouraged to get flu shots. Therefore, people who live with diabetic patients should probably get flu shots unless otherwise advised by a doctor.

Following careful hygiene practices during flu season can also help the diabetic patient avoid contracting the flu. Washing hands thoroughly and frequently should be a common routine during flu season. People with diabetes or other illnesses that can be difficult to manage in times of illness should avoid contact with people with the flu.

Fever and illness can cause blood sugar levels to drop. Meanwhile, the stress of illness can cause blood sugar levels to rise. Therefore, many diabetic patients have erratic blood sugar levels during times of illness. Diabetic patients may have great difficulty maintaining healthy blood sugar levels when they have the flu.

The flu and fever may require the diabetic patients to check their blood glucose levels much more frequently than usual. The diabetic patient may need to use more insulin than usual during the flu. Diabetic patients may require as much as twice the usual amount of insulin during illness. The patient with diabetes should talk to the doctor about how to manage diabetes during an illness such as the flu.

The best time of year to get a flu shot is in September. It takes about two weeks for the flu shot to take effect. The flu shot does not protect the individual from all strains of the flu. A flu shot is designed to protect people from the most common strains of the flu. People with allergies to eggs should not get flu shots. If diabetic patients have any questions about whether or not they should get Flu Shot For Diabetic Patients or questions about managing diabetes during illness, they should consult their doctor.

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