The Hidden Cause of Hypothyroid Symptoms

Do you have these hypothyroid symptoms?

Have you ever forgotten where you put your keys or didn’t remember what you were looking for as you walked into a room?

Did you ever get an upset stomach and wondered why you were bloated, or gassy?

Have you ever become sore in one of your joints, like your knee or shoulder and wondered why?

Do you get cold hands and feet, do you experience fatigue or depression?

If you’ve answered yes, there’s a very good chance that your hypothyroid symptoms could be caused by an underlying condition called ‘leaky gut syndrome.’

In fact, if you have hypothyroidism, there’s a very good chance you have the leaky gut syndrome.

So what’s this leaky gut thing, and why should you care?

Leaky gut is a condition where your gut or intestinal tract starts to deteriorate from the inside. The cells in your gut start to separate during tissue breakdown. When this happens, undigested proteins, toxic chemicals, and fat particles ‘leak’ or ‘sneak’ into the bloodstream undigested.

These ‘foreign’ objects in the blood send off an alarm system in your body. Ultimately, these particles end up elsewhere in the body, like your joints and/or brain, through circulation. At this point, the body starts attacking them because they’re not supposed to be in the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, when your body attacks these particles it also attacks your body in some way. Your immune system at this point is hyperactive, causing symptoms that you may be shrugging off as an upset stomach, feeling down, being tired or achy.

So, what causes this ‘gap’ in your gut?

Mostly, it’s the things you eat and drink…this is why the hypothyroid diet is so important.

Causes of leaky gut include mental/emotional stress, food sensitivities, sugar, overuse of antibiotics and/or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, alcohol, bacteria overgrowth, yeast overgrowth, and processed/fast foods, to name a few.

Your gut is the most important part of the body to protect because it’s a major part of your immune system. And if you have a breakdown in your gut, you’ll have a breakdown in your immune system.

Here’s how you can strengthen your immune system so your hypothyroid symptoms don’t flare up.1.Identify and eliminate food sensitivities.

  1.  Reduce sugar intake.
  2.  Cut down alcohol consumption.
  3.  Take a good probiotic.
  4.  Reduce stress.
  5.  Eliminate fast food from your diet.
  6.  Check your vitamin D levels and supplement if needed.
  7.  Cut back on processed foods.
  8.  Eliminate over-the-counter medication.
  9. Identify and eliminate food sensitivities.

Everything you put into your mouth has consequences. Most likely you attribute your symptoms to a breakdown in the body. However, you probably don’t associate this breakdown to what you eat or drink.

Unfortunately, the food in our country is getting worse and not better. Also, most doctors don’t take or have the time to tell you how to eat or reduce stress.

It’s up to you to start connecting the dots of how-you-feel to how-you-live.

The leaky gut syndrome is becoming more and more common because of lifestyle factors. And it’s also leading to more and more health problems, including a hypothyroid condition.

Don’t ignore your body when you have a slight headache, upset stomach, or short-term memory loss. This is your body’s way of saying something is wrong. And popping a pill to cover up your symptoms doesn’t make them go away; it just shuts them up momentarily.

If you’re dealing with symptoms mentioned in this article, you might be thinking they’re no big deal. However, if you don’t address these symptoms, they could lead to long-term health problems like autoimmune disorders.

Start to address your symptoms by making a change in your diet. Cut out all unnecessary foods like alcohol, sugary treats, and fast food. Next, evaluate your foods sensitivities and add a couple of supplements.

Also, don’t ignore stress. Stress is a killer, but a silent one.

These actions can improve how you feel if you stick to them.

So, next time you’re feeling not quite yourself and your hypothyroid symptoms fare up, think about what you’ve been feeding your body that’s making it go haywire.

Eat well and be well

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