The Improvements in Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is now so common and so safe that it is becoming the remedy of choice for cataract symptoms. Being able to say goodbye to eye problems after just one very simple and quick procedure is tempting for many. The procedure is coming down in cost, sometimes covered by private health insurance and is also quick and relatively pain-free. Of course with any medical issue you will want to talk it through with your doctor and a few close loved ones, perhaps even speak to some people who have had the procedure already and find out how much it changed their life for the better, and if they experienced any issues.

Modern technology and techniques

New technologies and advances in medical techniques have allowed this procedure to grow into one of the UK's most commonly performed surgery with the highest success rates. Cataract surgery is actually one of the oldest surgical procedures that we know of. As far back as the fifth century BC cataracts were being treated when the cataract had become very poor and was affecting the eyes too much. Amazing to think this procedure is so old but it really is. Of course, today's procedure is quite different and incredibly safe.

The improvements in this procedure have been great and vast over the centuries and of course, the introduction of anesthesia in the 17th century made it much easier to perform. Now, the lens can be removed but the lens capsule can remain. This makes the procedure much safer and fewer chances of infection or inflammation. And now the procedure also is much less invasive, meaning that there is virtually no wound, less than 1mm nowadays.

The procedure today

Cataract surgery has improved so much that now the procedure is completed in day surgery, takes less than an hour and patients are usually back to normal by the end of that day. This means that the procedure can be completed with minimal disruption to the patient, just a day off work in fact.

A popular procedure in the early days in places such as India and South Asia, Egypt and Greece, cataract surgery has flourished from its early roots and is now a highly functional procedure. Many people find the procedure so easy and simple, yet the results amazing and well worth it. It is a very common and safe surgical procedure and recovery is quick.

The journey of cataract treatment

Most people find that their eyesight gradually diminishes. Problems with loss of vision, blurred vision, color dullness, eyestrain, spots on the eye and headaches can be symptoms of cataracts. A trip to the doctor can confirm what your diagnosis is, and how far along the cataract is. If it is early days and the problems are not too severe, then there may some alternative treatments to consider. Speak to your doctor about these. Most in most cases, if the symptoms have caused you enough issues for you to consult your doctor then surgery may be the best and easiest option for you. The procedure is now so simple, you will be booked in for day surgery and the procedure is very quick. Most people report they feel completely normal again by the end of the day and that noticeable improvement in vision are instant.

With the procedure now being very affordable and sometimes covered by private health insurance it is certainly worth some serious consideration. Even if it is not covered by your health plan, the investment is worth it, you cannot put a price on your eyesight and general well being. All those trips to the doctor, buying glasses or contact lenses, having eye tests not to mention the inconvenience of having poor vision can be fixed in one easy procedure that only takes an hour or so.

If you have cataract symptoms and are thinking about a cataract operation then consider all the benefits that you can enjoy after the cataract surgery. Talk it through with your doctor first, discuss any possible alternatives, and be assured that if you do choose cataract surgery then the procedure is very safe and can really improve your way of life, your vision, and general well being.

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