Thinning Eyebrows: How To Shape Eyebrows Perfectly At Home

When it comes to thinning eyebrows people have different ideas of what looks good. Some people prefer that perfectly shaped arch while others prefer more natural looking eyebrows. Most people would agree that some trimming of the eyebrows is necessary rather than keeping them totally natural. However, due to vast differences in preference, the primary step would be to identify the kind of shape you would like your brows to have. Some individuals show a preference for a more arched look while others prefer a softer curve. Furthermore, the thickness of the brows is another debatable topic with some preferring much thinner eyebrows than others. Since you are doing this yourself, it might be best to put the picture of the general shape of eyebrows you desire, just in front of you.

Tips To Thinning Eyebrows

A stiff brush or an eyebrow brush will help your brush it into shape so that you can pluck and trim the excess. Another thing to consider would be the method you wish to employ to thin those eyebrows. While some may opt for threading of facial hair, it would probably allow you greater control if you used tweezers. You will find that eyebrow tweezers are readily available at most stores. It helps to define the eyebrows with the help of the natural arch along the eyebrow. You should take your time with the plucking process. Rather than rushing the thinning of your brows, do take your time and concentrate on the current state of your eyebrows as compared to the model that you have in front of you. Remember not to thin aggressively at the beginning itself since that leaves you with little to work with if the shape is not exactly how you want it.

One more thing you would need would be a nice, sharp but small pair of scissors. This can lead to the shaping process when you need to shorten certain eyebrow hair strands rather than pluck them. You should use the eyebrow brush yet again at this stage to help decide where it would be best to trim. One always has to exercise caution while using scissors and tweezers since these will hover around one’s eyes. These tips should help you thin and shape the brow properly. Do remember that it is not necessary to go through the whole thinning process too quickly. You can touch up your brows from time to time, especially when you need to go out for an important occasion, with the help of a trimming scissor and brush.

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