Tips on Pregnancy Workout

Tips on Pregnancy Workout

It is very essential to note that you are carrying out with a perfect pregnancy workout. So better read the given below tips on pregnancy workout.

  • Visit your doctor regularly.
  • Consult your doctor about any bleeding (hemorrhage), backache, and pains accompanying urination, excessive itching and such other ailments, without delay.
  • Avoid eating clay, starch, plaster, brick powder and other inedible materials.
  • Do not lift heavy loads, or do anything requiring excessive exertion.
  • Arrange to sleep for at least eight hours at night, and for two hours in the daytime.
  • Do not take fattening foods.
  • Guard against constipation. Drink plenty of water.
  • Tips on Pregnancy Workout
  • Eat liberal quantities of pulses, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Take these foods in moderate quantities four or five times a day, rather than two or three heavy meals.
  • Sleep on your back in a supine position, with the legs supported at a little higher level than the rest of the body, or sleep lying on your side, with the upper leg resting on a cushion.
  • Dress in loose-fitting clothes that do not impede free movement.
  • Wear a well-fitting brassiere with a good quality one.
  • Do not use high-heeled shoes, sandals, or slippers.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse during the last four weeks.
  • Avoid excessive use of medication.
  • Do not ride bicycles or horses after the fourth month of pregnancy.
  • Do not consent to any therapy or tests that involve exposure to X-rays.
  • Bathe in a tub. Clean each part of the body thoroughly by scrubbing it well. Exercise care while moving in the bathroom to ensure that you do not slip.
  • Clean the genitals regularly with a stream of warm water.
  • Take care to avoid all types of infections.
  • Tips on Pregnancy Workout
  • Always sit in an erect position, with the back straight, not in a slouching position.
  • Maintain a cheerful mood, and spend your time in an atmosphere conducive to mental peace.
  • Do not be alarmed if you perspire freely.
  • Brush your teeth well every morning and evening.
    If you wear contact lenses, take particular care to remove them when labor sets in.
  • Avoid long journeys. If a long journey does become necessary, arrange to have enough space to get up and stand, and if possible, to walk about a little every two hours.

Thus, the above Tips on Pregnancy Workout are very useful and you should follow all the rules and regulations during pregnancy periods.

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