Tips for Preventing Baby Sunburn

Tips for Preventing Baby Sunburn

For adults, getting tan could be something that you wish a lot, however, doesn’t mean that you are free from sunburn. In a skin of adults that have been developed you also in risk of sunburn. Then, of course in a baby. Baby has more delicate skin and sensitive just like our face. Therefore, baby skin is in risk of getting irritation easily. As a baby couldn’t communicate well at that age, they can’t say as they are getting hot and burnt, so parents need to cautious on this. Here are some Tips for Preventing Baby Sunburn that should know it.

You don’t want to see your baby got irritations on their skin because of mother careless action right? Then, to prevent your baby in getting the sunburn, we have several tips that you can do. If your baby is under six month, you need to keep your baby from both direct and indirect sunlight between 10 am to 12 p.m. At this time, the sun rays are the most durable shine to the earth. You keep your baby in the shades. It’s better to stay inside the house, but you may use an umbrella, canopy or move under the tree. However, you need to take note that umbrella and canopy are not that effective as this only reduce UV radiation for 50%.

When you go out, it’s better for you to dress your baby in lightweight cotton with long sleeves. A lightweight will make your baby feel comfortable in the hot season and make more air comes to the baby’s body. Don’t also forget to put long pants and sun hat; the sun heat should be in a full brim to give you maximum protection for your baby. For the area that is not covered with clothes and hat, you may apply sunscreen even though your baby is under six month. But make sure that you only use it in that small area. You may apply the sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before you go. The sunscreen is waterproof, so make sure you reapply this every one to two hours, especially if you take your baby to water. Make sure you consult to the instruction of the sunscreen in the bottle.

Lastly, I want to make sure that you know several parts of the baby that you need to protect with sunscreen. You can’t leave these parts as these parts somehow susceptible to the sunburn. You need to make sure you apply the sunscreen in the face, even though you have a hat; you need to apply some in the face. You also need to apply to the back of the hands, tips of ears, back of the neck and the tops of the feet. I hope those small, easy Tips for Preventing Baby Sunburn that you can prevent your baby from getting the sunburn, especially in the spring and summer days.

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