Tips to Prevent Disease In The Rainy Season for Pregnant Women

Tips to Prevent Disease In The Rainy Season for Pregnant Women

In this article we suggest some tips to prevent disease in the rainy season in pregnant women, pregnant women are strongly advised to maintain health because during the rainy season often the immune system becomes decreased. Decreased health conditions in pregnant women can disrupt the development and growth of the fetus, so it is essential if to maintain the health of pregnant women in the rainy season by doing the right precautions. Some diseases that often interfere with the health of pregnant women include flu, nausea, and vomiting, bronchiolitis and chest infections.

Diseases caused due to weather changes in the rainy season and often interfere with the health of pregnant women one of them is the flu. Symptoms that occur are experiencing colds, body shivers, decreased appetite and cough. This condition of health disorders is associated with a virus that infects the soft lining found in the nose. Muscle pain characterizes both health conditions that interfere with pregnant women during the rainy season, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps that result in pregnant women lose fluids and lethargy.

Last health problems that must be aware of pregnant women during pregnancy is bronchiolitis and chest infections that resulted in impaired respiratory tract pregnant women and cause shortness of breath accompanied by pain in the chest. To prevent the coming of disease in the rainy season in pregnant women, they can do the following ways.

Tips to prevent diseases that can arise during the rainy season in pregnant women:

1. Always Carry Umbrella

Always keep a folding umbrella in your bag when traveling. Umbrella is one of the safeguards that help you to maintain health in the rainy season. As for if you forget to bring an umbrella and make your body rain should immediately take a bath and shampoo so it can reduce rainwater that is not clean containing pollutant particles cause your immune system decreased.

2. Lemon warm and honey

Flu can occur during the rainy season one of them causes the health condition of pregnant women to decline and easily lethargic. To avoid the flu that is often accompanied by pain in the throat you can consume mild lemon and honey so it can relieve pain in the throat.

3. Maintaining Hygiene and Hand Health

Some of the dangers that can be caused by rainwater are the spread of germs and bacteria higher so that pregnant women should be wary of diarrhea. So in avoiding it, you can wash your hands with soap frequently, at least before eating, after holding a pet and after urinating and defecating. By getting used to cleaning the hands will reduce the infection of viruses and bacteria that cause pain.

4. Enough Rest

Spend your rest time during the day, conditions that are too tired and make you depressed will increase the risk of health problems especially in the rainy season. By giving the rest time about 20-30 minutes during the day then you can again make the body to be fit, for those of you who have the busy office you can take a break from the routine office for 10-15 minutes interrupted your activities and made your body relax.

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