Tips for Treating Your Baby’s Cradle Cap

Baby’s Cradle Cap

You may think of stop giving shampoo to your baby as you see some scales and redness on the baby’s scalp. The redness may also be able to be found in the creases of a neck, behind the ears and armpits. Then, this post will help you to know the overview of your baby's cradle cap and how to treat your baby if your baby is already got this.

If the rash only occurs in the scalp, then it is called as the cradle cap. However, this may just a start and spread on the area like crease of neck, armpit, and behind the ear, it even can be seen later in the face and diaper area. When this cradle cap is spread like that, the pediatricians will call this as seborrheic dermatitis. This one is a noninfectious skin condition that is common in the baby which is in their first week. This occurrence disappears in a weeks or months. This one is different from contact dermatitis or eczema as this one is not even uncomfortable and itchy.

Even the doctors do not know for sure about the cause. Some doctors said that this could be influenced by mother hormonal during the pregnancy that stimulates the oil gland in the baby. The baby becomes so productive even over productive on the oil that makes them suffers on redness and scales.

If the occurrence is only in the head, or the baby's cradle cap,t give a homey treatment by yourself. You shouldn’t stop giving shampoo on your baby and keep giving a mild baby shampoo to the baby more frequent that you used to be. Soft brushing help removing the scales in the scalp. Antiseborrhea shampoo containing sulfur and salicylic acid in 2% can eliminate the scalp faster but be careful that this may irritate your baby. You need to consult your pediatrician before performing the treatment.

In some case, using ointments or petroleum jelly is found to be beneficial for parents. However, baby oil surely not a recommended for this while so many parents use unperformed baby oil or mineral oil to remove the scales. As this level is caused by overproduction of oil, adding more oil will cause more levels to be formed here, especially in the area of the back of the head or called as fontanelle. Doctors may also recommend you a cortisone cream like the 1% hydrocortisone cream. When the condition is improved, you can avoid the other reoccurrence by frequent cleaning using baby shampoo in mild.

In some case on baby's cradle cap, another infection like the yeast infections occurs on the affected skin. This infection most likely happens increase area than in the scalp. It will make the area look so red and itchy. The anti-yeast cream usually will be prescribed by the pediatrician at this rate. Well, what you need to know is that the seborrheic dermatitis is not a serious problem for your baby. It is not a condition that is happened because of poor of cleanliness. It will be improved and healed without leaving scars.

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