Top 7 Facts About Health Insurance Quotes

Health Insurance Quotes

Here are some tips to help you find the most comprehensive and affordable health insurance quotes out there.

1. Health insurance quotes vary by state, sometimes even by city.

Because every state has their own Department of Insurance, the regulations on prices also differ based on which state you live in. Each state has its own laws on health insurance rates. When health care reform is implemented in 2014, states will manage their own "exchanges," and have the option of partnering with other states to create "multi-state exchanges" and serve a larger population. This increases competition among providers and offers the consumer more options. Moreover, health insurance quotes vary by state proportional to the general cost of living and demographic variation.

2. The heavier you are, the more expensive your health insurance prices may be.

The more you adjust your lifestyle to focus on staying fit and healthy, the less you may have to pay for health insurance! Because of the increased risk of illness among those who are overweight, insurance companies may charge this group a higher premium. But take heart if you are overweight and facing high health insurance prices, you should explore your plan's wellness options. Some carriers offer incentives, (i.e. decreased premiums) to those who take part in weight loss wellness programs, which is a true win-win—lose weight and get healthier while paying less for health insurance!

3. Health insurance quotes for similar plans can vary widely from one insurance company to another.

This sometimes occurs with health insurance quotes for similar plans because a pool becomes really sick and enters a negative spiral. This might seem confusing, so don't hesitate to ask a licensed insurance agent to explain further if you notice this while browsing free health insurance quotes online.

4. Smokers pay higher health insurance prices

Because smoking deteriorates your health, and that of your dependents due to second-hand smoke, smokers pay higher premiums than non-smokers. However, some health insurance companies offer lower rates to smokers who have quit smoking and maintained that status for a certain period of time.

5. The health insurance quote you receive is not final.

If you enter all your information accurately, a health insurance quote is supposed to be a good approximation of the options available to you. These quotes are not final, because carriers may adjust health insurance prices lower or higher when you actually apply for the plan.

6. The older you are, the higher your health insurance quotes may be.

Health insurance companies generally charge older people more because of their greater use of medical services, as compared to younger people.

7. The higher your deductible (generally), the lower your premium (but not always).

If you pay a higher deductible, that means you assume more risk in the event that you need medical attention and the insurance company has less on the line. Browse free health insurance quotes to see how the high deductible plans generally have lower monthly premiums, compared to other types of plans.

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