Transitioning from NICU to a Crib

If your babies are born before the due date, your doctors are likely to place your babies in the incubator or radiant warmer. It is to help your babies to stay warm and grow well. Your babies may have some difficulties or some problems may occur if they are to be placed in the open crib directly. Their body is still unable to survive in the open air. To keep their body warm, they employ calories and oxygen. When they use lots of their energies to maintain the warmth of their body, they won’t have enough for their growth and healing. Therefore, they need the help from incubator or radiant warmer. However, they won’t stay forever in this state or even not too long. At the time your babies able to regulate their body temperature well, you can move them to an open crib.

Babies Temperature Regulation Ability

Your doctors will allow your babies to stay in an open crib when their ability to regulate their body temperature is good enough. This ability can be affected by gestational age and weight. If your babies are old enough and have more weight than their ability are likely to develop better. Although your babies may have developed their ability, they may not be directly transferred to an open crib. This process is usually done gradually. Your babies may be put back to the incubator when they show their inability to maintain their temperature in the open crib. As part of the process of transitioning, your babies may gain their weight slowly or even they weight will drop. However, it is common occurring, so you do need to worry too much. It is part of their effort to accustom them with the open crib.


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