Treatments against warts

The correct way to treat a wart is to go to a doctor to determine what type of skin lesion is suffered and what treatment to take in the future. There are various treatments that the specialist prescribes us through recipes (pills, ampoules, lotions, among others), we must follow all indications to the letter, the warts are usually very annoying, it is quite difficult to eradicate the skin, because once we remove them, they usually appear again after a short time. Some specialists resort to cauterization (laser system), others opt for home remedies. You can also resort to:

Treatments with lotions or creams

These contain different acids (such as salicylic, lactic, retinoic acid) that are administered once or twice a day depending on the state of the wart. The lotions will penetrate and progressively destroy warts by assisting the dermatologist every 15 days to see the state of the wart and cleanse the dead cells. It is a simple method for simple and not so serious warts, it depends on the diagnosis of the dermatologist, but its only disadvantage is that it lasts more than 30 days.

Warts on or around the nails and on the plants can be easily removed by performing electrocoagulation, cryosurgery or shaving.

1. Dermisil-Naturasil Skin Anti-Wrinkle Tags (29.99 euros)

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This product is for topical use; It helps eliminate warts on the body, its active ingredients are 100% natural. And eradicate scars without causing side effects. We can see the results between two and six weeks after its use, applying it 4 times a day, it contains 15 ml.

2. Dermisil-Naturasil Warts (35.99 euros)

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This product helps eliminate infections and warts that attack the skin, its 100% natural ingredients such as Thuja occidentalis, Melaleuca alternifolia, and ricinos communis have anti-inflammatory and healing effects. Its application is 3 to 4 times per day, it contains 15 ml. It is painless in its application and leaves no scars.

3. Wartrol Genital Warts (34.99 euros)

The best product to eliminate and prevent the dreaded genital warts, as you well know this problem is raised in the intimate area, arises because of sexual contact and has an appearance in the form of "cauliflower", are quite annoying as they produce itching and It has an anti-aesthetic appearance. The Wartrol arrives in a presentation in Spray and contains 30ml. It is clinically tested by the FDA.

2. The shaving

It is a quick, simple and painless treatment that is performed by a specialist in only a single session of 10 minutes, it is necessary to apply anesthesia to the patient because a scalpel will be used, but does not need any type of stitches.

3. Cryotherapy

This treatment lies in cooling until the freezing of the wart and this is destroyed at the cellular level within its membrane. the healing process will take fifteen days, after the therapy a blister will be made, which after three days will decompose until it becomes a scab. The scab should not be removed or there will be a great risk of reappearance of the wart. The reconstruction of the skin takes a few days.

4. Electrocoagulation

Surgical method that coagulates and cuts the wart using high-intensity electric current. A local anesthetic is applied and the wart is eliminated in a single session due to the heat that enters it. It is not recommended the treatment in warts plants and palms can cause pain in these sensitive parts of the body.

It is important to emphasize that it is not advisable to perform surgery or electrocoagulation in the warts of palms and plants since the scarring can cause chronic pain. Neither in warts around the nails since these procedures can damage the root of the nail and cause a deformity in the foot.

When warts on the sole of the foot are grotesque, medication by mouth may be indicated as Acitretin, a derivative of vitamin A, to reduce swelling or size.

5. Imiquimod

It is a cream that improves the local defenses of the skin and thus eliminates warts. It must be prescribed by the dermatologist and the patient uses it three times a week for several weeks. The skin is inflamed prior to the healing of warts and leaves no marks. It is used in genital warts and in those that are rebellious to the treatment.

It is a cream that improves the condition of the skin and eliminates warts, the dermatologist must prescribe this treatment and self-medication is not due. Its application is three times a week for several weeks and is more used in genital warts and those of difficult penetration.

Also, the treatment with imiquimod or retinoic acid serves to eliminate the warts of the face and the planter, and more powerful if this treatment is combined with sessions of Oxypeel, which is a technology that achieves the deep exfoliation of warts by means of pure medicinal oxygen.

Some warts eventually disappear and do not need any treatment, like warts for children. Even so, it is advisable to go to a specialist to know the causes of these outbreaks.

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