Types of Spermicides

It is always good to have knowledge about different kinds of contraceptives for those people who want to avoid pregnancy after sex. Different types of male and female contraceptives are available in the market at present. You might have heard about spermicide, which refers to a kind of contraceptives. The basic task which is performed by any spermicide is killing up the sperms which enter the vagina of a woman during intercourse. In this article, we are going to mention different types of spermicides available in the market. According to the manner in which they are used, there are four categories of spermicides.

One may use spermicide tubes which come with an applicator. In order to use such a spermicide, one needs to fill the applicator with the spermicide present in the tube. After that, the woman should insert the applicator into her vagina. It should be inserted deeply so that it touches the cervix. After the applicator reaches the cervix, the cream should be released from the plunger. As this cream works immediately, there is no requirement to wait for intercourse. For every sexual act, spermicide should be plunged into the vagina for avoiding pregnancy. Once, applied inside the vagina, it works for 1 hour.

Spermacide also comes in the form of a foam. For using it, a woman should fill the applicator with foam and then plunge the foam inside the vagina, as mentioned above. Also, remember to shake the spermicide foam container 20 times before using it. Spermicides also come in the form of vaginal suppositories. They come in form of tablets or suppository which should be inserted into the vagina. When inserted in the vagina, these tablets foam and you may feel warm from inside due to it. You do not need to worry about this as it is a normal reaction. Another type of spermicide is a vaginal contraceptive film. It should be inserted with one swift movement into the vagina with a second or third finger. One should also not forget to read the instructions which come with different types of spermicides.

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