Understanding about Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy - If finally after months – or even years – of practice, the pregnancy test from the drugstore happily reads “+” – a positive sign that means you have hit the jackpot, you now sit restless and anxious about the whole pregnancy ordeal, don’t worry. With the right information, you can better prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Nine months of going around with a life force inside of you can seem a bit overwhelming, not to mention a lot of work, but that period will, hopefully, be enough time for you to know what to expect afterward.

Before you change diapers and give up sleep forever, however, here are some of the things that you will be experiencing during early pregnancy.

Once you’re sure that the stork really will visit you in approximately 40 weeks, you’ll get a heightened sense of the changes in your body. Even during early pregnancy, you will no doubt notice the slightest alteration in your physical, mental, emotional, and physiological well being. Compared to the other two trimesters, the first trimester, or early pregnancy, is said to be the most uncomfortable stage. It is perhaps because this is when the body is still adjusting to all the changes and is still weighing its reaction to such changes.

Universal discomforts during early pregnancy are nausea and fatigue. Nausea, accompanied by vomiting, has been termed as “morning sickness” because it is more noticeable in the morning; however, queasiness can happen anytime. Pregnant women who experience this regularly deal with it by avoiding the foods that trigger their queasiness or by eating only those that appeal to them. Most moms had funny stories regarding the silly cravings they had when they were still expecting. Some have craved for the most peculiar things, such as sweet potatoes with ice cream or ice-cold peach cobblers. These cravings, however, should only include healthy choices – and it is always advisable to start during early pregnancy – to avoid complications.

During early pregnancy, women may also experience constipation. It is because the digestive process is slowed down by an increase in the hormone progesterone. Furthermore, the colon takes in more water and thus makes stool harder. In addition to this, women may also feel like they have to pee all the time. Frequent urination happens when the bladder is pushed due to the expansion of the womb.

Women may also suffer from mood swings during early pregnancy. Mood swings can occur at any time during the day and may be triggered by the slightest incidents. Mood swings can also last until the last stages, not just during early pregnancy. Sweets can usually curve mood swings – or at least make them quick and harmless. Some pregnant women fall into depression due to prolonged weepiness or anger caused by mood swings.

Early Pregnancy is important to note that every pregnancy is unique, and some women experience more symptoms than others. Symptoms can even vary as to the order they appear.

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