Understanding about Sexuality Education

Sexuality Education

Sexuality education stands tall amidst topics most relevant to educational activities mainly in the world. Sexuality education promotes awareness alarming spellbind information such as infections sexually transmitted, unintended pregnancies prevention and essential others. Whenever sex is present, there’s a subject to every curriculum in daily life.

Sexuality education regarded initially been as understandable information only about reproduction itself, describing the several stages of conception and explanation on secondary sexual characteristics, apparently planned for teenagers. However, with the vast spreading of sexually transmitted diseases – particularly AIDS - started on the late 80’s, sexuality education has turned from merely informative content to an actual matter of health. Today, sexuality education it’s a complicated and even controversial field in some countries, as sometimes sexual educators have to face cultural, behavioral and even religious barriers to promote the spreading of proper information. Some countries in Africa and Asia, for instance, are currently facing polemic since sex education is no longer necessary, but urgently required and there are several groups (within the government inclusive) that believe that a subject such sex should not be discussed openly, let alone with young people.

In the USA, however, the most concerning question currently is how much children must be taught about sex and at which age sexuality education should start. A lot of groups are incredibly concerned with schools discussing topics such as oral sex and mutual masturbation in class as of very young children. Apparently, sexuality education intends to inform and provide adequate information to make individuals able to make wise decisions about their sex life, but such transparent and open discussion about the subject makes people very confused and uncomfortable. Sexuality education it’s essential today, yet people didn’t realize the level of importance of such dialogue yet.

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