Understanding about Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Follow the Chinese pregnancy calendar, becoming pregnant is a dream for almost all couples in the world. The fact that you are bringing a new life in the world, and that too, of your blood, is so wonderful that people will do anything just to get pregnant. However, once a couple has become pregnant, and the health issues are sorted out, one fundamental question continuously lingers in their minds, will we have a boy or a girl?

The answer to this question was unimaginable about two decades ago, but now science and technology have become so advanced that almost every couple in the world can find out the gender of their about-to-be-born baby. There are scientific ways of figuring out that information and there are humanmade ways to it too.

Chinese pregnancy calendar is one such humanized way of getting to know that whether the baby you are going to have will be a boy or a girl. The practice of this calendar has been there from ancient times, dating back to about 700 years ago. The calendar has been a well-kept secret in the Chinese heritage, as it was only reserved for the use by the Chinese royal families back in the day, to figure who would be the next heir to the throne.

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However, the Chinese pregnancy calendar is now widely available for the use of ordinary men, and it has been put on display in the Beijing Institute of Science. It is a common belief, especially amongst the Chinese people that this calendar gives you hundred percent accurate results of the gender of the child to be born, and that too without the use of any scientific devices, etc.

The Chinese pregnancy calendar has been proven for its success, and even the scientists have found its accuracy to be 97%. The calendar works in consonance with the Chinese lunar calendar. The way this calendar works is a little confusing, but you will get around with it. Two major things are determined by this calendar, the month in which the baby is conceived and the age of the expectant mother, although you will have to add nine months to the mother’s period to make it coincide with the lunar calendar.

Now when you are trying to use the Chinese pregnancy calendar, you will have to follow specific steps. After you have done the initial stages of calculating the mother’s age and adding nine months to it and also, you figured out the month of conception, you will have to look for the month in the list on the top of the chart and the age list on the left side of it. Once you have pointed out both the things, draw straight lines from them and the point where they both intersect would be either the box with a ‘B’ or the one with a ‘G,’ explicitly telling you what the gender of your about-to-be-born child would be.

However, it is not the result of this Chinese Pregnancy Calendar that matters; it is the fun and the curiosity that creates for the parents to be.

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