Understanding Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes

Sexual intercourse (whether conventional, oral or anal) is the primary way of spreading genital herpes. There are many strains of herpes. However only one predominately affects the genitalia. Transmission of the herpes simplex two viruses will occur during the sex act.

This virus is one of the most common sexual epidemics at this time. It is incurable and therefore it is essential to educate masses on the prevention of contriving genital herpes.

Genital herpes is an infectious virus. Genital herpes affects at least 25% of the population. Over one million new genital herpes infections are reported each year. Hsv-2 is thus directly to blame for the spread of genital herpes that is fast reaching epidemic proportions.

Herpes Virus Types

Both types of the herpes simplex virus (yes, there are two of them) can lead to genital herpes. When the fever blisters from HSV-1 are visible around the mouth, the virus is communicable in the form of genital herpes if oral sex is performed.

Hsv2 infection most often causes genital herpes, but this strain of the herpes virus can also attack the mouth. This virus remains in certain types of nerve cells for life, and they lie dormant. When those dreaded blisters appear, you know a new herpes outbreak has started.

Many people are infected with the genital herpes virus but never have an outbreak.

The infection usually occurs through sexual contact with someone that shows symptoms of genital herpes. Oral sex is often a major channel for the transmission of HSV leading directly to genital herpes in the newly infected person. Even if you have no herpes symptoms, it is possible to spread the virus. It is amazing how often this transmission type happens.

Because the herpes simplex virus 2 affects each us differently, the initial episodes of genital herpes vary vastly from one person to another. Between 2 and ten days after the infection is when you can expect that first outbreak to arrive.

Usually, herpes makes itself known through the outbreak of small red bumps which develop into herpes blisters, and then the blisters become open sores or lesions. These bumps are around the site of the infection which can be on or around the genitalia. After a few days, the sores crust over and then heal without scarring. That first outbreak is usually the worst it will ever be as your body has not yet built any antibodies to fight the virus.

It is best to get tested once a year as herpes, and other std's are often asymptomatic. Most people live with these diseases and never know and cause the infection rate to increase. Getting tested will provide you with the ability to fight the spread of genital herpes if you take measures to have protected sex you will lower the odds of contracting genital herpes.

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