Understanding about Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men

It is easier to identify gonorrhea symptoms in men than it is in women. It is because between 50 and 80 percent of women who contract gonorrhea are asymptomatic. It means you could quickly catch gonorrhea from a woman who has no idea she is contagious; it also means you could easily give gonorrhea to a woman and she may never know it until she experiences serious health problems later on. Because of these simple facts, men need to be responsible for watching out for and responding quickly if they notice they have suspicious symptoms.

How Can You Contract Gonorrhea?

While most people contract gonorrhea through sexual intercourse, you can also contract it through oral sex, anal sex and through touching an infected area and then rubbing your eyes, causing an infection in the mucous membranes of your eyes. The bacteria like to grow in moist, warm places; hence the bacteria thrive in the throat, eyes, anus, vagina and inside the urethra of the penis.

Genital Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Burning Sensation When Urinating
Men typically experience painful urination, to the point that it feels much like a urinary tract infection.

Foul-Smelling Penile Discharge
Most men experience a dark, unpleasant smelling discharge from the penis that is difficult to ignore. After a few weeks, the smelly discharge may go away, but the infection may have traveled more rooted, which can become quite dangerous.

Pain in the Groin
You may also experience swelling and pain in the scrotum or groin. This may indicate the infection has traveled up the epididymis, which can cause scarring and infertility if left untreated.

Symptoms of the Throat

Sore Throat
Because the infection is in the back of your throat, you may experience pain when swallowing.

Pain in Your Neck
You also will probably feel swollen, tender lymph nodes in the throat area.

Symptoms of the Rectum

Anal Discharge
Because the infection is festering just inside your rectum, you may experience discharge.

It is common to experience rectal itching, swelling and irritation.

Bloody Stools
Because the infection can cause bleeding in your colon, you may find bright spots of blood in your stools.

Symptoms in the Eyes

You may experience itching, painful, watering eyes.

You may notice a yellow-green discharge.

What Should You Do?

Seek gonorrhea testing and treatment if you suspect you have this STD. Ask your partner to seek treatment also. Refrain from sexual interactions until you are sure the infection is completely gone.

By: Rachel Mork

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