Understanding Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are often known by women while pregnant and after birth.

The principal reasons for the suffering of the disease while pregnancy can be attributed to women expanding the uterus, increasing the pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins. The increase in blood supply while pregnancy also increases the pressure in the veins.

While pregnancy, hormones in the body of women gets a tendency to relax the wall. As the child grows in size there’s more pressure that leads to Hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Another important fact is that pregnancy often causes constipation. Since the body requires more water during being pregnant, which tends to consume more water from the gut, so in a dry, hard bowel action.

Hemmeroids during pregnancy is usually temporary that cures spontaneously. To help the healing procedure, use creams, such as "Zico Zenmed "or ointment as" Heal Hemorrhoids, "which are counseled for effective relief.

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Surgery is habitually recommended by doctors to swelling types that cause pain and bleeding.

There're many types of surgery, these children who need shelter.

  1. The first is called "band". This surgical technique has been designed to locate tight rubber band about the base of hemorrhoids. In general, it is not painful and anesthesia is not necessary. However, you need more visits to the doctor for the cure.
  2. Hemorrhoid surgery is counseled big Hemorrhoids, either external otherwise internal. Hemorrhoids veins are surgically cut (deleted). Then the incision is stitched back. Local otherwise general anesthesia is necessary for this type of surgery.
  3. Doctors also can counsel that Hemorrhoids be made an injection with special matters to reduce or discontinue the bleeding.
  4. And additional counsel is that pile to be coagulated, burned with a special tool. The new methods involve laser surgery.

Hemmeroids surgery is habitually recommended one time other treatments have failed or the disease is producing severe and prolonged symptoms. The final decision on surgery will, evidently, be yours.


The layman's guide to prevention of Hemorrhoids includes: (Those who are already treated of the disease also should follow these tips for prevention to avoid repetition.)

  1. Eat more fiber-filled foods on a regular basis. These include added fresh fruit, vegetables, and cereals including whole grain bread.
  2. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.
  3. Have a repeated exercise plan.
  4. Avoid laxatives, except bulk laxatives as a fireball that aggravates Hemorrhoids.
  5. When you sense the need for having a bowel do so immediately or once possible. Do not wait for long periods of time.
  6. Do not spend too much time sitting in the toilet, read your newspaper or a book. This will promote the swelling of the anus.

Remember, prevention of Hemmeroids during pregnancy is by far a finer strategic method than all the time searching for or cancellation.

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