Understanding about Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

People who suffer from hypothyroidism symptoms can actually live with the condition for many years before it is finally discovered. As we age, we tend to attribute some of the symptoms to the aging process or the stresses in our lives. It is easier to just chalk it up to aging than to visit a doctor and find out that it is much worse. While it is easier to do this, it is not the best thing for you medically.

There are some hypothyroidism symptoms that you should be aware of. They can range in severity based on the level of the hormone deficiency. One of the more common symptoms that are sometimes overlooked may include tiredness and feeling sluggish most of the time. If you feel very sleepy, most of the time even though you are getting plenty of sleep and exercise you should ask your doctor to check your thyroid.

Other signs that may become more and more prevalent over the years include getting cold very quickly. If you notice that you are extremely sensitive to icy conditions as well as being tired and sluggish, this is a combination that should lead you into the doctor’s office.

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Many people with hypothyroid conditions also have pale looking and dehydrated skin. They may experience the side effect of having a puffy looking face as well as a hoarse sounding voice. They can have unexplained weight gains as well, which should be very noticeable as clothes begin to fit differently or not at all. Their blood cholesterol levels can show an increase, and they can have painful muscle aches and tender or still joints.

Of the hypothyroidism symptoms that are common, women experience a particular one. Hypothyroidism can cause very heavy menstrual periods. They can be more substantial than usual and be very uncomfortable. When the hormones in the body are out of whack, the usual pain and discomfort that is typically common with a woman’s period can be magnified tremendously.

Another side effect of hypothyroidism has brittle hair and fingernails. You may find that your hair seems to be falling out much more than usual and that your nails begin splitting and flaking more than usual. These are both things that will point to a thyroid condition.

Of the side effects of having an untreated problem, depression is the most serious. All of the physical conditions that come with hypothyroidism can lead someone into a path of depression as well. Not feeling well most of the time is a downer and if it is not diagnosed and medicated, it can lead to some pretty broad depression issues.

The good news is that there are natural treatments for the condition. Natural thyroid treatments can be done at home without the use of synthetic hormones. You can treat the Hypothyroidism Symptoms and raise your thyroid levels by just making some simple changes in your lives.

The first and significant way to control your thyroid levels is to get some exercise. A good exercise regiment will not only help you lose some unwanted pounds, but it will also give your metabolism a boost. You will feel better and more refreshed after a thirty to forty minute workout. Continuing to get exercise on a daily basis is the best form of treatment for hypothyroidism.

Eating a naturally healthy diet is also very important. Certain foods will boost the function of your thyroid. They include spinach, olive oil, sunflower seeds, bananas, tuna, tomatoes, carrots, asparagus, avocado, and whole grain cereals. Eating whole foods and fresh organic vegetables and fruit is also an excellent choice.

While eating some of these foods can be right for you, there are also some foods that can make the symptoms worse in hypothyroidism patients and should only be eaten in moderation. They include peanuts, sweet potatoes, turnips, kale, cabbage, and lima beans. If you have this condition, you should also avoid drinks that contain large amounts of caffeine.

Splitting your meals up into more small meals is also a great, natural way to control your body’s production of thyroid. You can improve your adverse side effects by just making lifestyle changes. If you can implement a thyroid treatment that will enhance your quality of life in all natural ways, why not give it a try. You can feel better because your body is regulating and you are getting more exercise.

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