Understanding Liver Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Liver Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Before talking about the liver cancer symptoms and signs, let’s be adviced that there are some types of liver cancer; angiosarcoma, hepatoblastoma, cholangiocarcinoma, and hepatocellular carcinoma. And evidently, each of them originates in the patient’s liver. Liver cancer is curable. Therefore you need to know the signs symptoms and the signs as soon as possible.

The Symptoms

There are some liver cancer symptoms and signs, but abdominal pain is the most common one. It may also mean that cancer has become large. Appetite and weight loss are also the symptoms. You may also experience vomiting and nausea as the symptoms of this cancer. Weak and fatigue may also be experienced by someone who has liver cancer. The last symptom is jaundice, which is the person’s eyes and skin become yellowish.

Additional Signs

There may physical examination needed in order your doctor to be able to the patient’s skin, measuring if the liver has enlarged, or if the patient feels tenderness. The stethoscope may also be used for measuring the liver. If the doctor finds any distinct sound of the liver, then maybe there is cancer. They are liver cancer symptoms and signs.


Be informed that liver cancer does not always originate in the liver. They can originate from any other organ and then spread to the liver. For this reason, you may experience different symptoms out of liver cancer symptoms and signs.


The liver cancer symptoms and signs show up when cancer has been advanced, or at the higher stage, therefore, you may not feel any symptoms at the early stage. For this reason, also, detecting cancer at the early stage is very difficult.

Important Reminder

The survival rate of this cancer disease is relatively low especially if the patient detects cancer late. So, identifying cancer including blood testing, and liver biopsy can be helpful. After all, make sure that you see your doctor immediately if you find in yourself any of those liver cancer symptoms and signs.

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