Understanding Pregnancy Symptom of Discharge

Pregnancy Symptom of Discharge

When we talk about 'pregnancy symptom of discharge,' we are talking about vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Many women may wonder whether they are genuinely having more vaginal discharge during pregnancy or is it all just in their heads! But it is fine if you wonder about this; after all, you are just trying to take care of the baby inside you. Well, to answer to your wandering mind, it is one of the usual symptoms of pregnancy to have vaginal discharge.

Leucorrhea is very common amongst women. It is a term that the doctors and other professional use for the whitish or slightly yellowish discharge from the vagina. It takes place due to the hormonal changes that make the place in your body; this is why this discharge is quite prevalent at the time of ovulation. This discharge is healthy, and it does not have a foul smell. This is the same discharge that you may have during pregnancy. The only difference is that you can see much more of this whitish discharge. The reason that this discharge has had an increase can be blamed on two factors, firstly, the amount of blood in your body has increased by 25% and so has the amount of blood flowing to your pelvic and vaginal area. The second reason is the sudden upsurge of estrogen in your pregnant body.

The pregnancy symptom of discharge that you notice is made up of several things. Some of these things include secretion from your cervix, come normal flora (bacterial) from your vagina and some of your old vaginal cells from the vaginal walls. As your pregnancy progresses, you will see more of this discharge being released from your body. When you are pregnant, your cervix will leave some secretions. This secretion will work to fill up your cervical canal and form a mucous plug. This plug acts as a barrier and prevents the baby from premature delivery. This plug acts as a sealant and also keeps the bacteria from entering inside. As you approach labor, your cervix starts dilating. This is when the mucous plug will flow out of your body. This plug may then be expelled as a whole, in a gelatinous form or may even be slowly discharged over a period of days in the way of an excessive vaginal discharge. This may sometimes be tinged with blood and is nothing to worry about.

Knowing Which Pregnancy Symptom of Discharge is Not Normal

When you are pregnant, every little thing can worry you. The first thing that you need to worry about is if the discharge smells foul. If this happens, you may have a vaginal infection known as bacterial vaginosis. The smell of the discharge would be fish like. This scent will take place when the pregnancy symptom of discharge mixes with some of the semen. You must report to your doctor immediately.

The discharge may not even have an odor but may still need your attention. Every time you have the whitish discharge if it gives you a burning sensation when you visit the toilet or just general itching, you may have another kind of an infection; this is a kind of yeast infection that may even make your vulva swell up. Several other infections may occur, and some of them may also be sexually transmitted. If at any time, you have a feeling that you may have an infection, you must visit your doctor or your midwife.

The pregnancy symptom of discharge is quite reasonable, and you cannot stop that. All you can do it take care of yourself. Keeping your vaginal area healthy and clean is very important not only for your baby but your overall health. If you want to avoid the feeling of being wet, you can put a panty liner in your underwear and wear cotton panties to keep yourself comfortable. Avoid douching as it can give way for air to enter inside your body that can pose problems. Just keep yourself clean, and you will do great. Good luck!

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