Understanding Pregnancy Symptoms Checker

Pregnancy Symptoms Checker

Online pregnancy symptoms checkers are now getting quite popular. These checkers will help you determine your pregnancy even before you take a test. However, these pregnancy symptoms checkers are not 100% reliable as it is merely a virtual game of calculation. However, we took a look at what all these checkers had to offer, and this is what we found!

All pregnancy symptoms checkers tend to ask you some common questions. Even if the order may not be the same, the questions remain to be more or less similar. Each site may offer you a few extra or a few fewer issues than the other. Go to each site properly and understand why they ask you the questions they ask.

Here is a list of a problem that you may find in a pregnancy symptoms checker:

  • Age: This tends to be the very first question asked in almost all sites. The reason behind asking this problem is to determine your fertility. As we all know, all women have a biological clock that ticks fast. If you are under thirty, your chances of pregnancy are the highest. With an increase in age, the chances of pregnancy decrease in every woman until she finally hits menopause where she can no longer conceive.
  • Birth Control: This usually turns up as question number 2 in almost all sites. The reasons here are quite distinct. For those who are trying to conceive, the answer to this question is quite obvious. However, for those who are not trying to conceive, the answer is quite variable. Even so, we must understand that no matter what method of birth control you may use, none of them is a 100%. Not using any birth control can even lead to the spread of many sexually transmitted diseases. Using condoms can help you prevent transmission of diseases.
  • Ovulation: This question is asked of you to know if you ovulated at the right time for a pregnancy to happen. They will ask you the method that you calculated your ovulation with. If you are actively trying to get pregnant, you must know your ovulation dates and plan sex accordingly.
  • Menstruation: We all know the association of periods with pregnancy. A pregnancy symptoms checker will ask you if you have regular intervals. It will help the checker calculate your approximate date of ovulation. They may also ask you the time that your previous period started on.
  • L'amour: Yes, this question is also asked. They will ask you if you made love during your fertile days of the month. It will help them understand your probability of pregnancy.
  • Symptoms, Nausea: This is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy that a woman tends to get. You will be asked if you have nausea.
  • Tender Breasts: This is a symptom of pregnancy that also occurs in the initial stage of pregnancy. This change usually occurs due to the rush of hormones to your breasts. This step also prepares you to breastfeed in the future.
  • Cramping: cramping is not necessarily a sign of cramping. It may occur due to a pending period or a variety of other reasons, however; it may indicate that you may be pregnant.
  • Bleeding: In pregnancy, individual women may face implantation bleeding that is lighter than your regular periods. It is a symptom of pregnancy but is not your period.
  • Fatigue: Having fatigue can also indicate that you may be pregnant. Being tired in your day is ok but being much more tired than usual is a symptom of pregnancy.

You will be asked a difference of questions similar to these. You may be asked about many other early symptoms of pregnancy such as food cravings and frequent urination. They may even ask you if you took a pregnancy test and about its result. The pregnancy symptoms checker can only indicate a pregnancy. If you feel that you are pregnant, visit your doctor. Good Luck!

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