Useful Summary of Acne FAQ

Here is Useful Summary of Acne FAQ:

What is acne?
The acne is a disordered condition of skin, usually called pimples. It is very common to many people. It occurs due to inflammation of pores on skin.

What is the age of occurring acne?
The acne can occur to the people of teenagers as well as people who are up to forty-five.

Is there a solution for acne?
Yes, people can overcome the problem of acne by using extreme products which are suitable to their skin conditions.

What types of treatments available for acne?
There are products such as natural and medicated in the market for getting treated for acne and laser treatment which is not medicated.

What type of diet should be avoided?
To get better results it is necessary to maintain a diet control. So, fried food, oily food and coffee contained things should be avoided. Though because this only acne not occurs, but diet control helps to get better results while taking acne treatment.

Does beauty products are helpful?
It is not always recommended when you are suffering from acne. Heavy makeup should be avoided. Keep your face natural and clean while having acne treatment.

Is Picking the pimples is a barrier to the treatment?
Yes, It is never encouraged, because it will increase the acne. Be patience about pimples by avoiding picking them or squeezing them.

How much time will take to get cure from acne?
It depends on type of way you are following to cure acne. For suppose if you get laser treatments it may up to eight to twelve weeks. If you are using quality acne products you may clear acne quickly.

When can I stop getting treatment?
If you are confirmed by your consultant that there is no chance of getting acne further then you can stop. But it is suggestible to maintain diet control always.

Is Laser treatment suitable for all types of skin?
No, the skin condition should be suitable for laser treatment. You should confirm with your skin consultant before taking laser treatment.

What are the causes of acne scars?
The causes for acne scars are sebum, bacteria, and dead cells.

What are acne scar types?
The types of acne scars are keloids and ice-picks.

What severe acne categorized?
The severe acne is into four different types such as conglobata, gram negative folliculitis, nodulocystic and fulminans.

Is stress caused to acne problem?
It is not completely true; the stress which occurs in regular life is not any way to cause acne.

What kind of diet is preferred?
It is suggested that milk, seafood, high carbohydrate contained diet, a diet which contains vitamins like A and E are useful in the diets against acne.

What type of treatments available making acne worse?
The treatments with zinc, azeliac acid, tea tree oil, nicotineamide, rofecoxib, and naproxen are some widely used.

What is Keratosis Pilaris?
It is usually a condition of genetic follicular. It affects more to the women, which arises as a kertain.

What parts of the body can be affected by acne?
The acne can be occurred on face, upper neck, chest, back and shoulders.

To whom shall I concern regarding acne problem?
For acne, consulting it is better to go a dermatologist, chemist or doctor.

What are natural acne products?
The natural acne products are drug free products. It does not give side effects, because it is not having any medicated ingredients.

Is Acne treatment is available for all types of skin?
Yes, all types of skins can be cured from acne. But the products may different in order to get solutions for acne. Depending upon skin types, various solutions are available.

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