Wart Removal with Salicylic Acid

Wart Removal with Salicylic Acid

Among the many at-home wart removal therapies are products containing salicylic acid. These Wart Removal with Salicylic Acid products are rather popular due to their inexpensive nature and ease of use. They can be purchased in the form of a liquid applied directly to a wart, or as an acid saturated patch to be worn over the infected area. Salicylic acid tends to be somewhat successful for minor warts in the over-the-counter form. A stronger salicylic acid product can be prescribed by a doctor for more serious warts.

How it Works

Salicylic Acid works through a scientific process called Keratolysis. This process involves thinning the toughened layers of skin produced by the HPV virus at the site of the wart, so they can be shed. Without such shedding, dead skin cells infected with the virus continue to build and the wart gets bigger. Salicylic acid works best if used in concert with an emery board or pumice stone.

The effective use of Salicylic acid requires the area around the wart to be thoroughly cleaned prior to application. Users must also be careful not to allow the acid to get on the healthy skin around the wart, as this will cause skin damage. As the acid dries and begins to work, a white film appears at the sight. Acid is normally applied at night, when the immune system is at its best, followed by treatment with an emery board the following morning. The idea is to dislodge the loosened skin cells with every treatment until the wart is gone.

Clinical studies have shown modest success in removing warts with salicylic acid. It seems to be most effective as immediate treatment at the first notice of flat warts and plantar warts. Larger warts that have been neglected for some time may require prescription-strength salicylic acid combined with the cutter.

Limits of Salicylic Acid

Since warts are caused by a viral infection of the skin, it is believed that any therapy should be combined with efforts to increase the body’s immune system. The biggest drawback to the salicylic acid therapy is the tendency for patients to believe the use of the chemical will kill the virus. It won’t. There is no effective treatment to kill any virus, let alone HPV. Patients who use salicylic acid therapy need to understand that it serves only to help remove the wart. Their own immune systems will have to do the job of killing the virus.

Salicylic acid is by and large a safe and fairly effective wart removal method for many patients. It must be noted that it doesn’t work for everyone, nor is guaranteed to be effective in preventing recurrence. Patients with unusually aggressive warts, or mosaic, periungual, and genital warts may find this option unavailable to them. For all kinds of warts, however, all-natural Dermatend remains a safe, quick, and effective treatment. Dermatend is made from all natural ingredients which have been chosen for their ability to work with your body and immune system to promote healthy skin.

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