Wart Removal with Vitamin E

Wart Removal with Vitamin E

Go to any health foods store or even the dietary supplements section of your local grocery store, and you will see rows and rows of vitamins. These vitamins have been touted by health advocates for years as being essential to maintaining everything from good vision to proper joint structure. They even claim that there is Wart Removal with Vitamin E.

About Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant. That means it inhibits the process of oxidation in the body. If you’re not sure what oxidation is, it’s a chemical reaction that sees the decrease of electrons from the oxygen molecule, or an opposite increase in neutrons or protons. In simple terms, we observe the process of oxidation on a large scale as a campfire or the rust forming on our cars. But it also occurs on a microscopic level in the human body. Some amount of oxidation is good for us, but too much can lead to all sorts of catastrophic health conditions.

As an antioxidant, using vitamin E on warts is thought to be beneficial by inhibiting the effect of oxidation caused by the HPV virus. Without this capability, the virus cannot reproduce and continue to damage the skin. With the process effectively stopped, the virus is left to die and the wart gradually fades away. There is no clinical data to prove that vitamin E is an effective wart removal treatment, but those who do recommend it suggest it be used along with garlic. The garlic can be fresh or in a powder form. Here’s how it works:

The Procedure

Break open a vitamin E capsule and pour the contents directly on the wart. Rub fresh ground garlic powder into the vitamin E solution, or lay a piece of fresh garlic on top and cover the area with a bandage to keep everything in place. If the two ingredients do their job, you should end up with a blister in 24 hours that will fall off within a week.

There are other home remedies involving things like tomato paste, canola oil, pumpkin, sweet potato, and several green, leafy vegetables. The one thing they all have in common is the high concentration of vitamin E. Applying these various substances once or twice a day may have varying effects on warts. While there are plenty of claims to justify the use of vitamin E, there are no studies that indicate it is in any way helpful. To the contrary, some studies suggest that prolonged use of supplemental vitamin E could have adverse side effects.

Home remedies have their place, but they do not work for everyone. If your warts just do not seem to respond, or you just do not want to waste your time trying a whole bunch of things, Dermatend may be the solution you are looking for. It is a natural product whose ingredients have been specifically chosen because of their known ability to work with your body, ensuring healthy skin. In most cases, you can see positive results with Dermatend in three to four days.

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