Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Knowing your week by week pregnancy symptoms is very important as it can help you understand what is normal in your pregnancy and what is something that you must be scared of or make a visit to your doctor for. We have divided the week-by-week pregnancy symptoms into weeks that are important according to the gestation age.

Week by Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Week 3

We start at week 3, as the date of conception is not known. So, the term of pregnancy is calculated from the date of your last menstrual period. It is when the egg is just fertilized. The symptom that you may have is for implantation bleeding. Right now, you will not be able to detect any significant changes.

Week 4

Now that the egg is well placed in the uterus, the development process begins. The symptom that you experience is of morning sickness or vomiting.

Week 5

By this time, you may have felt pregnant, but this is when you will get the strike of realization, you have missed your period. It's time you buy yourself a pregnancy test kit. Right now, your baby is the size of a sesame seed.

Week 6

In this week, you will start experiencing a lot of mood swings, and you may also gain some weight. You may suffer some heartburn and feel slight changes in your breasts.

Week 7

You will start experiencing more fatigue than you did before and all other symptoms may arise. You may start with some food craving and have a much stronger sense of odor.

Week 8

Lots of changes will come into your body. Fatigue will get stronger, and you may even have some vaginal discharge. The tenderness and swelling of your breasts will further increase this week.

Week 9

This week does not spare you either! Morning sickness takes its highest toll and is accompanied by food craving and salivation. You may begin experiences even stronger mood swings.

Week 10

You will have painfully sensitive breasts and dark areolas. Fatigue and mood swings are still on a high.

Week 12

Your pelvic region will begin feeling a little tighter or fuller, and the good news is that morning sickness, and fatigue will now begin to fade away slowly.

Week 14

The morning sickness is soon barely there. You will be happier now as your body gets used to the rushing hormones. You will notice a little more weight gain and a broader waistline. Urge to urinate often will also arise now.

Week 15

You will begin looking slightly plump this week and not pregnant. In this week, you may experience a lot of heartburn and gas.

Week 16

Your baby bump will now become recognizable, and you may feel the movements of the baby in your tummy.

Week 18

Your baby bump is now very evident, and it may feel firm to touch. Bleeding gums could be a common symptom during the week.

Week 20

The growth of your belly will now speed up. You may begin having puffed up legs and feet.

Week 24

By now, you will see that you have gained at least 10 pounds of weight. Pregnancy back pain and joint pain will soon begin kicking in.

Week 28

You are now in the third trimester of your pregnancy. Here, you may tend to feel quite breathless.

Week 32

You will not have any symptoms anymore; your baby will be in the world soon. It's quite common to feel a little wobbly now.

Week 38

It is when your breasts will become more substantial and more substantial. Your breasts will also be sensitive to touch. You start feeling some contractions, but they do not say labor, these are practice contractions. Don't worry!

Week 40

You have been waiting for this for the past nine months, you will soon be in labor, and your baby will be in your arms. Week by week pregnancy symptoms help ease you, as you know what to expect. Have a healthy pregnancy. Good Luck!

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