Weekly Pregnancy Calendar

To track an unborn child’s development and stay informed about all of the changes taking place inside of the body, many women enjoy following a weekly pregnancy calendar. It is a terrific way to keep track of your baby’s growth and find informative pregnancy advice on a weekly basis.

During each of the 40 weeks, the expectant mother will learn about the many changes taking place inside of her body:

  • A weekly update on the development of her child.
  • Information on prenatal care and what experts are.
  • Recommending
  • Learning how to recognize certain warning signs during pregnancy and how to calculate the expected due date.
  • Information is provided on how to detect false labor and how to know when it’s the real thing.

Online Pregnancy Due Date Calendar

A weekly pregnancy calendar can be viewed online or printed and kept in a binder for easy access. In addition to using it to determine the stage of pregnancy, women can use a weekly pregnancy calendar as a diary to record her thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Also, this handy reference is ideal for recording doctor appointments and other information, while also acting as a resource for answering specific questions related to pregnancy. Once the child is born, the new mother will be able to preserve her weekly pregnancy calendar as a keepsake and refer to it during future pregnancies.

Free Weekly Pregnancy Calendar

As mentioned earlier, there are some websites dedicated to offering a free weekly pregnancy calendar. Visiting these sites are very convenient, but the same applies to printing your calendar. The most organized way to do this is to write and store each week’s notes, in order, inside of a 3-ring binder. Also, a daily journal kept in conjunction with a weekly pregnancy calendar may be an excellent reference should your physician ever need to know how you were feeling on a particular day. At times, especially during pregnancy, it can be difficult to remember exactly how you were feeling on any one given day. If your doctor needs to know this for whatever reason, keeping a daily journal will prove to be an excellent resource for him/her to refer to.

The information in this article is designed to be used for reference purposes only. It should not be used as, in place of or in conjunction with professional medical advice surrounding the utilization of a weekly pregnancy calendar. If you are pregnant or believe that you may be, please consult a physician for a proper diagnosis, approximate due date and recommended a treatment plan.

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