What Are the Benefits of Breastfeeding?

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

A common question among many women who are expecting a baby or who are trying to get pregnant is “Should I breastfeed?”. In this modern age, many women are choosing not to breastfeed their baby, there are some significant benefits of breastfeeding, and before you go ahead and decide what method you will choose, you should read them. Although it may seem like a challenge, especially to someone without the personal experience of doing it, there are rewards to gain from it that you can’t get from bottle feeding.

Benefit number 1- Breastfeeding can increase your metabolism
For those who do not know what metabolism is, here is a brief explanation. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories (energy). You may have met some skinny people who eat like crazy but never put on weight, that is because their metabolism is high. Likewise, some people eat little and put on the pounds quickly because they have a prolonged rate of metabolism. Thus there is a close relationship between weight loss/gain and metabolism.

Breastfeeding mothers will be happy to know that breastfeeding increases your metabolism and helps you to lose pregnancy weight faster. Lactation helps burn calories, even when you are sleeping. One great reason why you will get benefits of breastfeeding.

Benefit number 2- Breastfeeding is ideal for a child’s health
Breastfeeding is not just a simple process of feeding a baby milk; it is also essential in building up the immune system of a child. Unlike normal milk, breast milk contains important antibodies and nutrients which are essential for a child’s early growth. In the first few months of their living children are especially weak, and so it is essential to start them out on the right track with the best possible safeguards available.

The good welfare of your child is probably the best argument you can give for the breastfeeding.

Benefit 3- Breast milk is much healthier than formula
Commercial baby formulas do not contain the nutritional and health benefits that breast milk does. Studies have shown that babies feed on breast milk have been healthier to those just fed on formula. Studies have also proved that babies who are fed on formula do not have has good coordination and eye development as children raised on breast milk.

Benefit 4- Breastfeeding creates a stronger bond
This is the last benefit of breastfeeding we are talking about, there is significant evidence to show that mothers who breastfeed their children have a stronger emotional bond with them than mothers who don’t. The child will also develop a stronger sense of security and safety that comes from close protection in a mothers bosom.

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