What are the Causes of Relapse of Herpes

In the world, there are quite a few that might provoke herpes. But look at everything in order.


The most dangerous factor that could trigger a relapse of herpes, even a person with complete immunity, can rightly be considered a fear. Yes, it is the fear of gruesome often cause deterioration in a person who, with the pill "is not slazit, and tempers, and sports, and so on. But relapse is still not making it at the most opportune moment. So what's the deal, but it all is that many are simply afraid of herpes, afraid that he might appear at any time, anywhere. I have often read on forums how people even advised on the morning run to the mirror and pick at his body all there redness or "listen" to the burning of the body. Always carry with ointments and pills, even if the last relapse was six months ago.

No, it's not correct.


In the morning to wake up with bright ideas, and not think about whether it would be today or relapse in half a year. Just do not think about it at all, forget about it, that it ever you had. Yes, it's not so easy, and those who have cold sores 2-3 times a month, it is difficult, and it is difficult not to carry a "munition" drugs, but try for a month, for two, but at least half a year get rid of thoughts about herpes. And in the morning to the mirror, only with positive emotions, set yourself on a good day. And try as soon as possible to get rid of thoughts about herpes. Chip away at what could remind you about herpes, not only of ideas but also of things such as a tube of ointment of bed in the nightstand or purse.

There is a beautiful expression - "Do not you have to depend on the circumstances and the circumstances of you." Do not be dependent on relapse, learn to manage them.


Many, this may surprise some relationship between caries and herpes. The answer, a straight line. Even a tiny hair crack in the tooth, which arose as a result of caries, may serve as a series of recurrences of herpes. Therefore, for the herpes-ill people, the phrase "clean the teeth must be in the morning and evening," as relevant as ever. And remember how long you use the same toothbrush, their lifetime is limited to a few months. And do not forget, at least once every half year examined by the dentist, it is cheaper to come out.


Unfortunately, mankind has not invented a drug that could completely heal you from the stresses caused by adverse family environment, increased responsibility at work, troubles in his personal life, at work, in children, fatigue and many other stressful situations that sometimes cannot cope. Therefore, the stresses in life can also be attributed to the most potent factor triggers recurrences of herpes. Try not to get upset over trifles, to seek harmony in all things, even in small things, but without fanaticism. Sometimes even a bed that is in the bedroom is "not there" and slowly closes the door, can be derived from itself, try not to pay attention to it, or take matters into your own hands and fix these minor troubles.

Live easy, fun and comfortable, and most importantly easier to look at the world. While here I could be wrong, because people are different and that one honey mustard differently. But do not judge strictly.


One can not say that if your weight is not healthy, it means you have 100% will be herpes, no. But it goes obesity in many people causes many diseases, which in turn significantly weaken the immune system, and as a consequence of recurrent herpes. Excess weight is also a loose concept, very often girls are not model parameters, but it looks much more attractive and ... well, here you can write a lot of compliments, but the topic is not about that. As well as men, one thing is very thick, more powerful, big, big. Therefore, men and women, just define for themselves how much weight you perfect and stick to it. The main thing is not upset about this; you do not need the stress.


Well, the fact that alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are harmful and students know now, so then everyone decides for himself, and if you drink it, sorry that your future children will not have the right to choose to be born of healthy parents.


Pakistan, what else to say. Chernobyl, plants, air conditioners, the city, corrupt politicians, who "roof" pest ecology. But the good are still many places where you can relax your body and soul.


Immunity and the human spine is very much intertwined. High, mighty spin (men) and functional mobility of the spine flexible, for both men and women right health and active immunity.

Office life (chair-computer), inactivity, lack of sports load, and many other trappings of urban life attracted to many negative consequences such as obesity, brittle joints, frequent sprains, flu, crooked posture, weakened immunity, but this list you can transfer infinity. Of course, we can not say that here if I had a spin in order, then I would be healthy, no, but so many have illnesses could be avoided.

Exercise, get the flexibility and mobility of joints, especially the spine. I think many of you have already realized that the most valuable thing in life is health, and if you do not want to get any more or be "bumps" of life, in addition to herpes, you join a gym, but not Monday, and tomorrow, and it is better today and not a one-time subscription and subscribe for a month.

Remember that in health, you can deceive only them.


Incorrect work of the thyroid gland can serve as one of the primary reasons why you have recurrent herpes. And the factors that affect the thyroid, a few, prominent among them is the environment (read above) and for the most part the effects of Chernobyl, which changed the health of every citizen, both in Ukraine and far beyond its aisles. So, here you can recommend being diagnosed by a doctor and find out what state your thyroid gland. If you are identified deviations, it is necessary for treatment. One of the main ingredients that beneficially affect the thyroid gland is iodine. A medication containing iodine, now in Ukraine very much, it Yodomarin (not cheap), as well as much less expensive domestic medicine, and of sea kale, you can not have without it.


Hypothermia is not different organism provokes recurrent herpes. So whatever hypothermia was not for the body's stress, it is necessary to accustom to this, here gradually is hardening as ever to the article. But besides that, tightening of the body has many other useful features.

In general, one can safely say that the hardening, SPORTS, without stress and other factors, BEZRETSEDIVNOY MORTGAGE LIFE.

X-ray and Ultraviolet (tanning)

Sometimes, for a person ill with herpes, the factors that can trigger a relapse may make X-rays, as well as excessive sunbathing, about the latter, for the correct ignition already written entire volumes of literature. In turn, I say necessary, sunbathing should be from 8 am to 11 am and 16 pm until, well, there are no restrictions, plus use sunblock.

As for tanning, the UV radiation is one of the factors triggering a relapse of herpes, but fortunately not always and not at all.


More often than not, recurrences of herpes occur or when influenza or after him. Therefore, if not to bring the body to disease, relapse can be avoided. And that may not give the "catch" a cold read above.

Sauna, steam bath

Thank God, sauna and steam bath have a beneficial effect on the human body, but that's dangerous mix of alcohol and high thermal stress, in turn, could provoke a relapse. Although the Russian people go to the bath and without alcohol, it's like vodka without beer, waste of money. And sin and laughter. Just do not abuse (I mean the sauna and thermal loads, and alcohol is better to abstain altogether).


Indeed, body piercing or tattooing of lips tongue can cause excellent flash herpes lips. It is because of the piercing at piercing the damaged nerve fibers. What is the factor that triggers replication of the herpes virus? Piercings in the mouth can cause frequent recurrences of herpes.


Lack of sleep and chronic sleep deprivation and as a consequence of fatigue and weakening of immunity can serve as a serious factor provoking recurrent herpes. Therefore, even though the whole world turn upside down, but my 8 hours sleep, try a life of "stealing." Certainly in the modern world, especially in the city (about rural life and say no, there is 5-6 hours of sleep is the norm, but there is almost no common herpes) is difficult to allocate such a huge amount of time for sleep. Therefore, if 8 hours of sleep for you is from the category of fiction, then try, if so and not constantly fall out, at least not much overdo it. And the words of one fantastic character - "Yes you will arrive with force."


Of course, lack of vitamins in the body cannot be considered as a factor in causing a relapse, but they lack in the body significantly undermines the immune system. As we know a lot of vitamins in fruits and vegetables, but that would get their daily requirement of vitamins is necessary to eat a lot of the same fruits and vegetables. Therefore, some ask for by the usual number of natural products to use and vitamins that are sold in pharmacies. And let this be the only "chemistry" that you consume.

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