What are the Different Stages of Pregnancy

Different Stages of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one thing that is miraculous and often makes every couple in this world happy. Most couples will usually not be able to wait to hold their babies in their arms. They are eager to do this. Yet, it seems that couples will still have to wait as there are stages in pregnancy. This is why the couples may have often heard about people saying something about pregnancy trimester. But what actually takes place during these stages of pregnancy? How are the stages differ from one another?

Well, the first stage is the stage in which a pregnant woman will come across quite a few changes in her life. During the first pregnancy trimester, a pregnant woman will often feel that something is not the same as their breasts to start with. They will also get exhausted more often than before. When they wake up in the morning, they will often feel a morning sickness. Also, a pregnant woman tends to have the need of rushing to the bathroom quite so often. Yet, it is also during the first pregnancy trimester that the baby within the pregnant woman will start showing that it has a heartbeat as well as start moving its limbs that are so tiny and cute.

The second pregnancy trimester, in comparison, may not really have anything special for a pregnant woman. The baby will keep on growing inside her. It is as simple as that. Then, it is not before the sixteenth week that the baby will start showing a pretty strong heartbeat in addition to fine body hair.

The third pregnancy trimester is the final stage of pregnancy. During this time, it is highly recommended that the pregnant woman starts taking lessons on giving birth to their babies as well as breastfeeding them. Then, by around the 35th week of the pregnancy period, the pregnant woman along with the baby within her will be quite ready for the due pregnancy date.

At this point in time, most pregnant women will already get quite used to what is known as a pregnancy calculator. In fact, there are also quite a massive number of pregnancy calculators on the internet that they can take advantage of in order to help them keep track of their pregnancy progress.

Then, in addition to the pregnancy calculator, the pregnant women can also make use of pregnancy wheel. This is, in fact, a calendar that is meant to help the pregnant women get informed on when they will possibly conceive, when they need to take a test and when they are about to finally give birth to their baby.

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