What are the Signs of Pregnancy

What are the Signs of Pregnancy

The question that many couples trying to conceive ask is "what are the signs of pregnancy?" If you think that you might be pregnant or are even planning to get pregnant soon, this question is obvious to arise in your and your partner's mind. It is essential to know the symptoms of pregnancy as it can help plan for your future ahead of time. Having a child could bring in a bundle of joys along with it. However, it is essential to know be prepared for it.

What are the signs of pregnancy?

Pregnancy can act on its own will when it comes to showing signs and symptoms. Some women may have all the symptoms of pregnancy, and some may have too little to remember! However, below are the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy:

  • The absence of your menstrual cycle. The lack of your menstrual cycle is a sure shot signs of pregnancy. A missed period is one of the signs that should alarm you during pregnancy. However, it is not necessary that pregnancy be the only reason for your missed period. There are several other reasons due to which your time might have skipped a turn; the topmost is a deficiency of iron. Always do check with a gynecologist.
  • Changes in your breast. If you are pregnant, your breast will start seeing some changes; in size as well as appearance. Your breasts will also change in their feel and sensitivity. During pregnancy, hormones face a rapid change in your body. This quick turn leads to an increased amount of blood flowing to the tissues in your breast. It causes your breast to grow in size. You may also notice that the size of the areola will increase and will become darker too.
  • Morning sickness. Only, we can term this as being one of the worst signs of pregnancy as it can be very frustrating. During pregnancy, the amount of estrogen that is touring your body increases. Along with this, the amount of progesterone also takes a hike. Now, progesterone is a hormone that makes sure that the uterus remains relaxed so that early childbirth is avoided. Sometimes, however, the progesterone can also relax the stomach.  It can lead to the stomach secreting excessive acids that can lead to vomiting of pregnancy.
  • Frequent Urination. This sign of pregnancy starts during the early stages of pregnancy but might gradually increase as your pregnancy progresses. During pregnancy, the amount of blood in your body increases by 25%, to add to this effect, the size of the kidneys also increase. The kidney starts purifying a more significant amount of blood at a time, and this may lead to frequent urination. Frequent urination in the night could be a big problem as it would lead to your discomfort. To avoid this, you must reduce the number of fluids that you drink in the night but instead compensate for the fluids during the day.
  • Fatigue. It is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. It starts in the first trimester. If you are pregnant, be prepared to find yourself sleeping almost all the time! During your first trimester, you might feel tired all the time and may want to hit the bed every minute. It may seem to disturb your life but don't worry so much, as your pregnancy progresses, the fatigue will gradually begin to go away.

So, now the question of what are the signs of pregnancy should not trouble you so much. Some women may exhibit all of these signs of pregnancy and more while others may show only a few. Look out for these symptoms and signs of pregnancy mentioned amongst many others. Pregnancy can be great news for those of you who are trying hard to conceive. If you are pregnant, we wish you a very hearty congratulation!

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