What Does the Future Hold for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment?

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

There are a number of future drug therapies that are currently being studied in order to find out their effectiveness in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment. What are some of these potential treatments and how could they help MS patients in the future?


This medication is currently indicated to treat leukemia, but according to tests, it might have the potential to slow down the progression of MS and reduce the relapse rate. When it has been tested in trials it was still effective one year after the initial injection. 80% of patients who received the second dose did not require additional treatments.


This medication has become the fourth oral medication that has been prescribed to treat the relapses and symptoms of MS. According to clinical trials, it has been found that laquinimod is very efficient at reducing the relapse rates and slowing down the disability. As well, it has been found that this medication is effective at protecting the brain from further atrophy.


According to research, the medicine known as daclizumab could potentially be very valuable in reducing brain lesions. There was a study that showed this medicine to be effective and to give a 72 percent reduction in both new and enlarged brain lesions in patients who are suffering from MS!


Another potential treatment that is currently being tested in Ocrelizumab, which has been shown to reduce the occurrence of brain lesions in patients. According to the latest developments in research regarding this drug it has been found that patients do not show any increased MRI activity, which is a sign that the disease has stopped progressing.

These are just a few of the new potential Multiple Sclerosis Treatment that is currently being tested in MS clinical trials. These new drugs and therapies might have the potential to improve treatment for MS patients in the future, ensuring that the next generation will be able to treat and cure this disease more effectively. However, scientists and researchers need to study them more to learn about these drugs and their effects, which is why they conduct paid medical trials to motivate more people to join in and to compensate them for their time.

If you want to take part in a clinical trial in order to help advance research for patients with MS, make sure to talk to your doctor. You can also search online for medical trials in your area that are suitable for you.

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