What is A Dentistry? – The History

what is a dentistryWhat is A Dentistry? – The art of dentistry has greatly evolved since the days where teeth were simply pulled if ever a problem were found. However, with the rise in modern dentistry technology and the quality of formal dentistry education, the field of dentistry has become a multi-billion dollar industry here in the United States.

Adequate dental care is available throughout most of the world, but high cost and strict insurance policies keep many from taking advantage of it. There are also many second and third world countries that lack the resources to provide all of their citizens with quality dental care. For these reasons, a massive humanitarian effort to treat the growing epidemic of tooth decay in those areas is underway throughout the world. The field of dentistry has recently evolved into one of the fastest growing medical practices in America.

Dentistry has many areas of specialties such as aesthetics dentistry, orthodontics dentistry, cosmetics dentistry and cleaning and cavity treatment.

The first local anesthetic was cocaine, introduced as an anesthetic in 1884 by Carl Koller. Researchers soon began working on a non-addictive substitute for cocaine. As a result, German chemist, Alfred Einkorn introduced Novocain in 1905. Alfred Einkorn was researching an easy-to-use and safe local anesthesia to use for soldiers during wartime. He refined the chemical procaine until it was effective, and named the product Novocain. Novocain never became popular for military use; however, it did become popular as an anesthetic among professionals in the field of dentistry.

Historians say that two different men deserve the title of being called “The Father of Orthodontics.” Norman W. Kingsley, a dentist, writer, artist, and sculptor, wrote his Treatise on Oral Deformities in 1880. What Kingsley wrote greatly influenced the new science of Orthodontics. Later, a second dentist named J. N. Farrar wrote two volumes entitled A Treatise on the Irregularities of the Teeth and Their Corrections. Farrar was very good at designing brace appliances, and he was the first to suggest the use of mild force at timed intervals to move teeth. Today, orthodontics has made some great improvements in the field of dentistry including invisible braces and quicker setting techniques.

Perhaps one of the most important inventions made in the dentistry field is dental floss. Researchers in the dentistry field have found dental floss and toothpick grooves in the teeth of prehistoric humans, evidencing that floss is an ancient invention, Levi Spear Parmly, a New Orleans dentist is credited as being the inventor of modern dental floss (or maybe the term re-inventor would be more accurate). Partly promoted teeth flossing with a piece of silk thread in 1815. Since then, professionals in the field of dentistry have spent many thousands of hours on dental floss research and development.

Dentistry has been practiced for centuries. Here are some interesting facts about dentistry:

  • • In 1846, Dr. William Morton, a Massachusetts dentist, was the first dentist to use anesthesia for tooth extraction.
  • • In 1848, Waldo Hanchett patented the dental chair.
  • • In 1864, Dr. S.C. Barnum of New York invented the rubber dam.
  • • On January 26, 1875, the first electric dental drill was patented by George Green.

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