And so, what is herpes and its kinds? In the world, there are quite a few varieties of diseases such as typhoid, tuberculosis, diabetes, not to mention other problems that nature "awarded" a man is, and congenital disabilities, deformities, various scars, and burns on his face and other parts of the body, the absence of limbs and disability. To all this, we can add terrible skin and venereal diseases such as eczema, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS ...

So, in comparison with the above listed, herpes - a simple infection and nothing more. And only on the person depends on whether it will be a nuisance, which recalls his time in several years, or a serious illness that destroyed his life.

Of course, genital herpes involves some loss of life (before you engage in sexual activity with a partner is not having the disease, it is necessary to tell him everything, and it is not excluded that the possible rejection of intimacy, but try and understand it). And yet the world is not enough people with the same problem, and most of them, who realized that this was not the end of life, but only a little trouble, and nothing more, continue to live full and happy life, regardless of anything.

There are those who are cold sores almost "izel" continuous relapses. Unfortunately herpes is not curable, but fortunately, the number of relapses is adjustable. And we need to remember that pills and creams, in many cases reduce the number of relapses, as well as their duration, but they are unable to protect people from stress, they don't cure an unfavorable family environment, and they can not fully replace a number of natural and natural sources strengthen the immune system (sports, tempering, healthful lifestyles).

So, what is herpes and its kinds? - an infectious disease pathogen which is the herpes simplex virus.

Inflammation itself is called herpes recurrence.

To date, the most common are herpes simplex I (HSV I) and herpes simplex virus II (HSV II), which can cause human herpes on the lips, eyelids, mouth, sky, nose, genitals, as well as in other parts of the body.

Type of disease (genital herpes or cold on the lips), does not depend on the type of the virus (HSV I or HSV II), which is located in the human body, and from the place where he "lives."

For a more intuitive explanation of the human body can be represented in the form of the railway: Virus - a train. Nerves - it's the rails on which it rides. Plexuses or ganglia - the depot where the virus is for life, and "sleep". Skin or mucous membranes - the last station, to which should be a virus.

After infection, the virus enters the "depot".

If it is cold on her lips, then it becomes a depot of the trigeminal ganglion (plexus), which is located in the cranial cavity. We call it a "top stores". During a relapse the virus out of the depot and along the nerves, like a train on rails down to the skin. Nerves rails from the trigeminal ganglion go to the face, chin, mouth, and gums, the skin of ears, lips, forehead, etc. In these places, and the possibility of recurrence.

With genital herpes, the virus is shed in the Crusades (in Latin - the sacred) ganglia - underwear depot virus, which is located in the pelvis, near the spine. At relapse, the virus along the nerves from the sacral ganglion down to the skin of the genitals, buttocks, thighs, pubic area, lining the vagina, urethra, because there are "rails".

However, the body has no such "Transsiberian" lines connecting directly to the depot in the skull, and depot in the pelvis.

Therefore, inside the human body move inside the body of the virus from the upper to the lower depot - is impossible. Thus, with a cold on the lips of HPV-I or HPV-II is in the "upper depot and causes periodic recurrence of the skin above the waist. With genital HSV-I or HSV-II is located in the lower depot and is the cause of herpes attacks below the waist. Find more here to know what is herpes and its kinds?

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