What is Pregnancy Grant?

Pregnancy Grant

What is pregnancy grant? Pregnancy grant is a payment or a loan you can say which is given by government institute. It is off tax payment which is used by the families to meet up the extra cost incurred in the pregnancy. This money primarily helps you in managing your uprising cost while giving birth to a child. When the woman is pregnant, she is entitled to get a grant which allows her to set up for her childbirth. It is not entertained as a tax credit or any saving. The purpose of this grant is to help the mothers.

Well, the primary purpose of the grant is to pay more attention to the proper diet and eat healthy food. Because a healthier mothers the healthier child it would be in later life. The pregnancy grant provides the monetary support to all the mothers who are in the final month of pregnancy.

You can apply for the grant if:

a) you are 25 weeks pregnant.

b) Your doctor advised you, so you and your unborn baby stay out of danger and be healthy.

The amount allotted for the pregnancy is about US$224. You will receive your grant on the top priority bases. And anyone applying for this grant will get the same amount of payment.

To claim this payment gets a copy of claim form from your consulting doctor. The doctor must be the one who is doing you the medical checkup. The doctor will probably give you the form after your 25th-week pregnancy. The doctor has to fill up the form containing his portion. Then hand it over to you so you can do your part. Once a form is filled by the doctor, and you then send this form to the Health Pregnancy Grant within 31 days. If your form arrives late or above 31 days after your doctor has signed your form, your chance of getting the payment will be missed.

In case your doctor doesn’t have a form then call the helpline and inform them. The hotline will arrange the form and make it available to your doctor. And the doctor will pass it on to you after finishing his part.

In case you lost your form the next thing to do is to get it as quickly as possible from your consulting doctor.

To get your claim, the form must be submitted within 31 days after the doctor has signed or while you are pregnant.

There are lots of issues in this particular type of grant. The analysts and different doctors say that this pregnancy grant should not be given to every person. The payment must be given to only and only those people who are in urge of need. The mothers who are in immense need should be given the grant irrespective of their earnings. Rather than giving to everyone.

The government should double the finance to those who need it. So, that the pure reason of benefit is given to those who need the pregnancy grant.

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